Andrea Lucas

It is in the giving that we receive

Gift: Andrea elegantly integrates powerful bodywork and psychotherapy inspiring you ‘to magnify your true essence whilst supporting’ you on your healing journey.

Biography: Through embracing your narrative, her psychotherapy skills provide a space for you to discover the healing power and gifts of your story.

Through Andrea’s attention and respectful touch you can let go of your old stories and feel alive in your body, rested in your mind.  Discover how to live a beautiful life, share your story and touch the miracle of the soul.

Rarely do you find someone who holds both the wisdom and insights for both the body and the mind. Andrea’s training and life experience are unique. Following an initial consultation, her skills will signpost you to receive either a bodywork treatment, psychotherapy or a combination of both.

Her bodywork massage is delivered with love, intuition, knowledge and physicality. From the first touch you will experience a treatment intensely personalised through her understanding of the body and psyche. Sensitive, free-flowing with an intense knowing. Never has a bodywork treatment taken an approach that is so comprehensive in its precision, it’s methods and results.

Why we love Andrea: The moment you arrive on her doorstep (virtually or in person), her very presence, and first words make you feel safe and held. Her hands in particular are the most trusted we’ve ever tried. With so many years of exploring the human body (and mind) she has an incredible intuition to understand beyond words, what’s really going on for you. We love her smile. Her attention to detail. Her continued tribal support for the community. Her divine energy.

Location: London (Harrow on the Hill) & Online

Services: Individual psychotherapy and bodywork, through massage. Her new programme for 2023 is the ‘Touching the Soul” day programme for women in Overwhelm.

Soulhubber’s Podcast: Who is Andrea Lucas?

How to Book: Andrea Lucas

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