Bettina Falkenberg

Bettina Falkenberg

Gift: EFT Therapist and Trainer, Hypnotherapist

Loving yourself no matter what

Biography: Bettina embraces women in difficult situations – cancer, loss, hopelessness, chronic disease, physical and emotional pain – and teaches them how to find peace and joy through self-love and self-acceptance. Utilising the mind/body connection she helps clients tap into their unconscious power and free themselves from old trauma and negative self-talk to return to their true, present self.

Bettina is working predominantly through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka Tapping) because she’s still gob-smacked by the power, versatility and gentleness of this tool. Imagine EFT as a “love child” between TCM (Chi flowing on energy meridians) and modern psychology. Bettina holds you in a safe and completely non-judgemental space. She has known and overcome depression, self-doubt, crippling feelings of guilt, childhood trauma, and abusive relationships herself.

The turning point away from the wrong career and relationships came when she visited the Findhorn Foundation in 2004. There she learnt to breathe, hug trees, draw energy from the land, and was introduced to Five Rhythms and Biodanza. She became aware of her own flowing energy through Tantra and began working with the Human Awareness Institute assisting in workshops on Love, Intimacy and Sexuality. These experiences have shaped the therapist she is today. She stumbled across EFT in another desperate attempt to find relief from her lifelong depression and discovered her calling and purpose in this work.

Apart from working with clients individually Bettina teaches EFT as a self-help tool to use yourself whenever you need it, for emotional first aid and as a daily self-care tool. She’s an EFTi Accredited Trainer and runs trainings for those who want to learn clinical EFT and/or become EFT Practitioners themselves.


  • EFTi Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner
  • EFTi Accredited EFT Trainer NQT
  • Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques
  • Diploma in Energy Healing (Bodies of Light after Barbara Brennan)
  • Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Member of the American Board of NLP

Why we love Bettina: She meets you with an open heart. She’s passionate about holding a safe space for you. She’s curious and fascinated about the merging science behind energy and intention. She’s fun, warm and authentic. She understand what it’s like, because she’s been there.

The Soulhubber’s Podcast: Who is Bettina Falkenberg?

Location: Bettina lives in West London/ also works online

How to book: Visit her website at  or call on 07913342533.

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