Walking Therapy in Nature

Walking therapy in nature

Before lockdown, walk and talk therapy in nature was something quite new, but I think we’ve all become a lot more accustomed to walking by ourselves and with others. Walk and talk therapy can be done with all ages, and with individuals and businesses. So instead of sitting in a room, we simply go outside and walk side by side.

Personally I mind it more dynamic, and more connected. Using the power of nature, the weather, the environment, it tends to bring feelings and emotions to the surface very quickly. The movement in our bodies creates shifts, and moves things forward.

We walk as quick or as slow as is needed. Normally slower, as it’s not about getting to a destination, but the process of walking. Often it can feel less intimidating for you, as you’re not sat opposite me, and instead you’re walking alongside me.  You’ll leave feeling more grounded, and even just better for being outside and not sat down again, especially if you’re used to working at a desk, or working from home.

During our chemistry session, before our first walking therapy in nature, we’ll discuss things such as confidentiality, which is more obvious, as when out walking we might encounter people you or I know, so we need to be prepared about what your response is. The good thing is that we look like any other walkers, so it’s not obvious that it’s a working therapy session. If you also have any concerns about being outside, the weather, fear of judgement from others, then we will address these early too.

My experience shows that soulwalking, which is conscious, slow and considered walking, helps those who are looking to change something in their lives, or find their own answers to difficult questions. If you’re feel confused, lost, trapped, then this is a good way to explore your emotions. As well as understanding the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological being, I work in ways which help you understand who you are, and what you want. From the past to the present, to the future. I walk the journey with you, be it physically or emotionally.

We can have a chemistry session (60 mins) and then I ask for a minimum of 6 sessions (60 mins).  Sometimes we only need 6 sessions, but for real psychodynamic work, we need time. Time to understand. Time to embody. Life is not always about quick answers. Following 6 sessions, we review and agree our plan.

Typically we connect once a week, sometimes twice. Whatever is needed, and fits in with schedules and life.

Sessions available now. This can be over the phone, skype or in person.

Cost: £510 for 6 sessions. (Aug 2020). Initial chemistry session £50.

Email to find out more or book your chemistry session, and pay here

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