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 Are you feeling like things are just not working for you? That you want to move through life differently? Maybe you’re stuck, ill, or depressed? Chronically anxious, angry or in pain?

Do you feel that your GP and Google searches are not fully supporting your search for personal wellbeing? 

Do you want our expert support in helping you move forward?

Sometimes, we don’t know if we need the support of a psychotherapist, a nutritionist, an energy practitioner, a somatic guide, an EFT practitioner, body worker, tantric healer, relationship coach or all of the above. It can itself be confusing to understand these titles, when all you want is the ‘right person’ for you to work with.

Is that you?

As a western society, we are becoming more and more aware that health and wellbeing is an integrative and interdependent process which requires more of a holistic approach. We’re learning to connect that our emotions can influence our body at a cellular level, and manifest itself in chronic illnesses such as heart disease and cancers. We hear time and time again that a life of stress can cause early death, or that adult acne is a response to childhood trauma.

  • 41m global deaths per year (3/4 of all deaths) are from ‘Diseases of Lifestyle’ [Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Mental Health, Chronic Respiratory Diseases]

Source: RCSI

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) now identifies HEALTH as ‘A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’

Due to this interdependent process it’s tricky to know quite what’s happening in our bodies, minds and lives.

At Soulhub we believe in getting to the root cause of the problems rather than just dealing with the symptoms. However, finding and dealing with the root cause can be challenging. It is often an emotional or mental issue that is manifesting physically in our bodies.

Sometimes, we simply just don’t know who or which way to turn next.

Does this feel familiar?

Why Soulhub?

Our Introductory Wellbeing Packages, are designed to give you a starting point for what could be going on for you. We believe deep transformation and wellbeing happens by working for change over a longer period of time. However, for that to happen we need to start off on the right track.

The benefit of working with Soulhub, is our depth and breadth of holistic experience in the wellbeing network. Therefore our ability to effectively choose the right people/personalities and skillset for you. You will get 5 individual sessions with 5 practitioners. All are designed to give you greater understanding and experience of their modalities and how they work. Certain practitioners such as EFT, Psychotherapy, Somatic Guide, Counsellor, Energy Practitioner will be able to give you a practical session. Others, such as nutritionists, medical herbalists, bodyworkers will give you an introduction into the way they work, as they may need to take blood tests, access urine and stool samples, understand your full medical history before they can work with you.

We may also call upon other practitioners who aren’t part of the Soulhub Team, if they are unavailable, or if we see that you require a different skillset not currently catered for.

Here’s what Ben shared about his recent experience:

Our 7 Week Programme

How it works

1 – Soulhub Wellbeing Questionnaire

Complete and submit our online Soulhub Wellbeing Questionnaire to start and support your process of self enquiry and transformation. This provides enough information for your Soulhub Consultation and is confidential.

2 – Soulhub Initial Consultation

Book your FREE 45 min consultation with Soulhub Co-Creators Carmen Rendell (BSc MBACP) and Andrew Cuerden, who will lead you through the process, and talk through your answers given on the Soulhub Wellbeing Questionnaire to establish;

a) where you are currently at on your health journey

b) what you have tried before/or not

c) and what your aspirations are


Following your session, they will recommend 3-5 Soulhub Team (or other) Specialists who could support you on your wellbeing journey, including which order to see the specialists in. E.g. Bodyworker, Counsellor, Nutritionist, Energy Healer, Dance Therapist, EFT Practitioner etc.

Once you’re in agreement with who we recommend to you. We will introduce you to them. Where possible the practitioner will work with you during that session (time and location dependent) and if not, they will give you a thorough introduction into how they work, and what they would do for you on an ongoing basis.

Following your initial 45 min Soulhub consultation, we ask you to pay for your Wellbeing Package.

You can find out more about the 23 person Soulhub Team of specialist practitioners here, and by clicking on the ‘Soulhub Team’ tab.

3 – Your 3/5 x sessions

a) Carmen/Andrew will recommend to you, your Soulhub Specialists. If you’re happy with them, they will introduce you via email.

b) Each will book up to 1 hour with you (either on zoom, or in person if appropriate/possible).

c) These will all take place within 7 weeks.

4 – Soulhub Final Consultation 

Following your sessions, we will invite you back for a closing final consultation with Carmen/Andrew.

During this consultation – we will agree a course of action for you.

You may want to continue working with your specialists. If this is the case, then we invite you to discuss directly with them on an individual basis to agree how many sessions, how often, payment, goals.

Please note, that the introductory packages are not reflective of the individual practitioners usual costs. These will vary depending on each practitioner.

If you’d like to trial another Wellbeing Package we can choose different specialists, or if you’re happy with the overall outcome, we can agree that no further support is needed.

5 – To Pay for your Wellbeing Package

In total, you will receive 7 individual sessions –  2 x consultations with Soulhub, and between 3/5 x bespoke sessions with our Soulhub Team specialists.

Wellbeing Package – From £250 (Concessions available. Please enquire directly). Price dependent on which specialists and number of sessions.

Payment is directly with Soulhub, who pay the practitioners directly. The package is available for 3 months from date of purchase.


[To help you visualise what support you’d expect to receive from the practitioners. Each will vary depending on your location/time with the practitioner]

Your history:

The client has shown up with symptoms of long Covid. Fatigue, brain fog, exhaustion following any exercise. Stressed from impact of Covid, and from a highly stressful job. Complicated family life.

Recommended Wellbeing Package: 

We’d suggest a introduction with a number of the team who look at different elements of the body as well as mind connection. Often we’re susceptible to fatigue when our immunity has been compromised, possibly by chronic stress, underlying mental strain, previous viral infections. Therefore, to spend time holistically looking at mentally, physically and spiritually what’s culminated in the body closing down.

1 x Sue Camp – Clinical Nutritionist 

Using a Health Questionnaire, Food Diary and your health concerns and priorities, Sue will help you understand possible underlying imbalances in your body systems. Through a combination of dietary and lifestyle interventions, she will make some recommendations to address these issues. Functional testing can provide further information to target a personalised protocol so as to address your physiological needs.

[NB. This won’t all be covered in your introductory session]

1 x Andrea Lucas – Bodyworker/Psychotherapist

Andrea would give you information on how she could support your nervous and lymphatic systems through physical massage.

1 x Duncan Aldridge – Somatic Coach 

Duncan would help ground you in your body and support you to find a deeper sense of presence and connection with yourself. He will encourage you to speak into what you care about, encourage you to take on new practices and work with what’s in your way.

1 x Delilah Sullivan – Energy Healer 

Delilah would intuitively help you express the underlying emotions, blocking old patterns, helping you re-wire new neurological pathways to change the current narrative of your wellbeing journey.

1 x Pete Warnock – Breathwork Coach

Pete will teach you some basic breathing techniques for you to help practice regulating your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, to ease the body and bring calmness to your mind.


I have never had therapy, is this for me? Yes, the idea of the package is for those who aren’t sure what’s going on for them. They just know that they’re struggling, or they want to make changes in their lives, and don’t know how.

Can I just have male or  female practitioners? Yes, we can provide all female or all male practitioners. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

I have some specific concerns about my health, can I request a specific type of specialist in my package? Yes, our packages are fully bespoke to your requirements and wishes.

Are all sessions confidential? Yes, all your sessions are confidential. If you feel that it is beneficial for two of your practitioners to talk to each other – e.g. sexual therapy and energy healer, then you can request them to discuss your situation.

What if I want to have more than one session with someone? We’d advise that you have all 5 sessions with the 5 practitioners, and then decide who you want to work more with.

What are the costs of the practitioners after I’ve paid my initial fee? Each of the Soulhub Team charge different rates, ranging from £75 per hour upwards. You will need to speak to each of the practitioners to agree further sessions and a price agreeable to you both.

What if I don’t find the right person for me?  We believe that after your 5 sessions, you will have more information about what is really going on for you, than before your wellbeing package. You are very welcome to come back to us with your feedback and we will do our best to find the right practitioner(s) for you.




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