Carmen Rendell, Walking Therapist for Individuals and Businesses

Walking Therapist for Individuals and Businesses

Walk alongside me with an open heart – And something inside will shift. The Soulwalker 

I’m a integrative trained therapist with a Level 5 diploma (BSc, mBACP), with three years solely in private practice, three years within an addiction centre. I’ve trained at the School of Wizards, an experiential psychotherapeutic course, and am now a walking therapist for individuals and businesses.

I believe that as unique as we all are, we are also the similar. Humans, as a species have a limited amount of emotions, but the complexity about how they are seeded in our bodies, how they are expressed, and how we deal or don’t deal with them depends on many variations. As a walking therapist for individuals and businesses, my belief is that our environment, our upbringing, even our past life existence, how we are perceived in the world, and how we perceive the world impacts who we are. Everything has a role to play in our evolution.

Therapy with me is all about working together. My role is to help you through difficult times, giving you new perspectives, and unblocking what is stopping you live the life you want to. Integrative therapy means I have trained using many methodologies, primarily psychodynamic and person-centred (eg. Freud, Carl Jung) but I’ve built on my training with many other modalities from spirituality to inner engineering.

Over the past three years I have worked primarily with adults. However I am happy to work with young adults too. My experience is rounded, and specifically I have worked with depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, abuse (emotional and physical), suicide ideation, grief, loss, eating disorders, post-natal depression, relationship breakdown, divorce and panic attacks.

I live in Richmond, so can work with clients locally, or those happy to travel, but I can also travel for 2 day (deep dive), workshops, and work online too. If possible, I love to walk in nature with you. To connect to something bigger than us. To allow the world to guide us. If walking isn’t an option, online can enable a space for new creation and freedom of expression too.

That’s why I do what I do. I love to help others unravel their patterns and behaviours. To explore themselves with a curious eye to ultimately find freedom in their minds and bodies. I do this in many ways, but mostly by simply being with you, and enabling you to go through your unique process to self understanding. It can be painful, it can be joyful. But ultimately it’s a path worth taking more than any other in this world right now. It’s a gift to yourself.

The exploration is supported through my education, but also life experience which has been influenced strongly by some of the best mentors in the world, and my own fascination with the human psyche.

As Founder of Soulhub, my vision is to help others understand themselves better, because from this place, the world will already be a better world.

There are key options for working with me:

Walking (/online) therapy 

Weekly, Bi-Weekly therapy

Therapeutic Workshops

2 Day Deep Dive

Walk In, Dance Out

Leadership/Team Offsite

Soulwalking to Inner Peace
My online course for you to do in your own time

To Book Your 1 Hr Chemistry Session

a) Book your time on my calendar here

b) I can send you an invoice for £50 or you can make your payment directly here

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d) email me at to book

My soul experience 

I’ve delved deep into my own soul. Especially over the last 10 years. It’s been quite a path, which has led me to the most scary places, and the most incredible.

The Staple Stuff

I spent 20 years in corporate life. Working for big brands from Barclays, to Lloyds to Musto and Jack Wills. I’ve led international marketing campaigns, created marketing, sales, social, partnership, sponsorship, events plans and worked with remarkably talented creatives and marketers. I always loved the creative, and getting things done. But none of the products pulled me to a place which felt like I was ‘meant to be doing’ this. I just felt like a square peg in a round hole.

The Adventurous Spirit 

I’ve packed by back pack a hundred times to take me on some of the best adventures you could think of. Around the world trip, taking me to the glaciers of Patagonia, sand of the Atacama Desert, bright lights of Vegas and huts of Vietnam. I sailed from Brisbane to China on the Clipper Round the World Race. I walked the (half so far) of the Camino, and to Everest Base Camp. In January 2020, I started walking the British Isles coastline. In March, life changed, and I’ve devoted more time to Soulhub, and the creation of a beautiful partnership with my boyfriend Andrew.

The Inner Work

Along the way I’ve healed with shamans, Balinese healers, danced in the jungle, drank medicine, and looked inside. I spent 2 years training with Andrew Wallas and friends at the School of Wizards.  Held the mirror up time and time again to understand why I took certain choices, and why I behaved the way I behaved. Retrained as an integrative therapist for three years, worked in an addiction charity for three years. And now I bring all that together and work with whatever you bring, as a walking therapist for individuals and businesses.

Client testimonial:

Being in nature was also an amazing and powerful part of the process for me. The fresh air, space and abundance of nature helped me to think clearly and express myself as openly as I could. Carmen made me feel that I could talk freely and openly without judgment. She really helped me get back on track when I was feeling really low. By walking and talking, she allows you the space to let your thoughts just flow and guides you to make sense of them all. You come away from each meeting feeling more unraveled and positive.”

Client testimonial:

“I was reluctant to embark on a journey of therapy but somehow Carmen made it an easy decision. Carmen’s approach made me feel so at ease that I decided to see if talking some things through could help me. I knew there was something that was causing me to feel stuck and I wanted to move beyond it. I quickly trusted Carmen and I found myself talking about life experiences that I hadn’t shared with many people. I made a determination to set aside some precious time each week to focus on myself and Carmen helped to guide me to find the words, questions and explanations I was seeking.”


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