Soulwalk Leader Course

Soulwalk Leaders Course

What is a Soulwalk

Soulwalks are free, mindful open-hearted walks in nature, designed and structured to facilitates a more therapeutic and restorative experience whilst walking. In the process creating healthier, happier and safer communities.

Soulwalking super-charges the naturally holistic benefits of walking by integrating simple embodied practices of moving, breathing, thinking and expressing with intention, awareness and appreciation, that gently yet profoundly guide one into a deeper presence with oneself and others.

Soulwalks are very much about the awareness and presence of the person(s) leading the Soulwalk™ in creating and holding a space, or atmosphere that is safe, welcoming and therapeutic. It’s a sharing circle by nature but not always in structure. In other words there is no professional therapy or advice given, but rather just a responsibly guided social support groups. Soulwalks are limited to 20 people per leader so as to make sure everyone feels seen, heard and held.

At Soulhub we are passionate about empowering and supporting others. Hence we love to theme some our Soulwalks, giving local people an opportunity to be featured on part of a walk. People can share either their inspirational life stories or specialist subjects and talents such as botany, herbalism, foraging, gardening, music, art, dance or anything that is either educational or inspirational.

Soulwalks are always on public land and in spaces that are safe and easily accessible. They must not enter private property or any protected environment without permission.

Who is Soulwalk Leader Training for?

This training course is ideal for anyone who is passionate about nurturing and empowering others for the wellbeing of all. We welcome therapists, coaches, business leaders, teachers, carer workers, parents, retired people, or anyone who sincerely wishes to develop themselves and gain valuable tools, techniques and tips on how to hold space and presence whilst walking and talking with others. Candidates must

  • Be aged 21 or over
  • Love walking, nature and supporting their community and environment
  • Be reliable and responsible
  • Be honest and self-aware
  • Be grounded and inspirational
  • Be organised and relaxed
  • Be confident and caring
  • Be Outdoor and all weather confident
  • Be big hearted and open minded
  • Considerations for dogs and dog owners on walks.

Why should I take this course?

This course is designed to empower and give you the following:

  1. Become a Soulwalk™ branded Leader – Where will receive all the necessary marketing assets and support for your Soulwalk events. You will also receive discount on additional training modules. Plus discounts to other Soulhub events, products and services.

PLUS PLEASE NOTE: During the course you will be guided through the operational and branding guidelines which, if you choose to become a Soulwalk™ Leader, we will expect you to uphold and align with.

  1. Run your own walking therapy events with our blessing. However any further support and training will be at full price.
  2. Continual Professional Development Points (CPD
  3. Life and work skills:
  • Help develop your leadership and group facilitation skills to hold safe and compassionate space including group dynamics, body language, non-violent or hierarchical communication.
  • Help you find more presence, empowerment, joy and peace in whatever area of life you have influence.
  • Help find and develop supportive relationships within your community through deeper sense of presence, appreciation of self and others.
  • Connect you to a local, national and international network of Soulful people making the planet a more compassionate and healthier place.

Irrespective of whether you choose to be a Soulwalk branded leader, the course will offer you:

    • How to create and promote a Soulwalk™
      • With the support of Soulhub marketing assets such as logos, descriptions, images and
      • Through your own marketing channels incl. MEET UP, Eventbrite and Social Media.
    • How the public find and register for your local Soulwalk™ events
    • How Soulhub helps you promote your Soulwalk™
    • How to start, lead and end a Soulwalk safely and effectively including route planning, time keeping and professional boundaries.
    • Legal, ethical and practical responsibilities of being a Soulwalk™ Leader
    • How to connect to with Soulhub community resources and support.
    • Managing those with additional needs
    • Complying with Covid regulations.

Who are the course trainers?

Soulhub Co Creators

Global explorer Carmen Rendell (The Soulwalker) has been walking and talking with people all over the world since leaving her corporate career and becoming a trained integrative therapist. Not only does Carmen have an incredible talent for making people feel safe and at ease with talking about challenging topics, she holds a Level 5 diploma (BSc, mBACP) as well as two years at School of Wizards, three years working within an addiction centre and 6 years as director of Soulhub Ltd whilst running her walking therapy practice. Carmen takes most of her clients walking in nature as the basis for their therapy and integrates a number of psychotherapeutic and somatic methods to make their therapy sessions more engaging and effective. This work is what forms the basis of the Soulwalk™ methodology.

Former global professional dance performer and teacher Andrew Cuerden turned dance therapist, joined Soulhub as co-director at the start of 2021. After 30 years of Ballroom and Latin dancing, Andrew experienced a major life recalibration which lead him on journey of self-discover and healing. The past 6 years Andrew has been integrating his life wisdom of dance, psychotherapy, yoga, metaphysics and integrative wellbeing in order to help others.

Andrew has spent most of his life exploring body language and the relationship of the mind and body. Now as a Metaphysical Dance Therapist Andrew uses many different mind body integration approaches to facilitate profound transformation and expression.

The Soulwalk journey so far. 

Soulwalk™ is an integrated part of Soulhub Ltd, a holistic wellbeing community. Established in 2015 by walking therapist Carmen Rendell, and since joined by dance therapist Andrew Cuerden. Soulhub provides a wide and deep range of integrative therapeutic activities, services, wisdom and connections. Such as psychotherapy, dance, music and movement therapy, yoga, breath, nutrition, herbal and homeopathic medicine, and EFT.  Delivered by a growing team of 25 independent wellbeing practitioners who work individually and collectively to provide a supportive web of soulfulness.

In 2018 the inspiration to start Soulwalk™ ,was sparked by a soul-to-soul chat with Constellation & Spiritual Coach Laura Beckingham,. Their idea was to enable more people to benefit from this free, simple and natural remedy of mindful walking.  Since then, we have held Soulwalks in major London Parks, in coastal towns around the UK, and in other cities around the UK, sometimes teaming up with brands such as Extract Coffee and Crabtree and Evelyn to share awareness around walking for wellbeing.

Soulwalk™ has also been part of a HSBC UK employee wellbeing program

Soulwalk Leader Course

Why is Soulwalk needed now more than ever?

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the world has experienced unprecedented levels of mental, physical and emotional stress. It is therefore no surprise that in the UK and many other countries around the world we have seen a huge increase in the number of people who have started walking daily and especially seeking out more natural spaces.

There is an ever growing amount of evidence that shows how walking is incredibly good for your holistic health. Click here for some supporting scientific evidence.

However Soulwalk takes one a few steps deeper, and what we love most about Soulwalking is it:

  • Promotes deeper social cohesion and presence
  • Reduces anxiety, loneliness and depression
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Facilitates greater confidence and creativity
  • Naturally supports our parasympathetic nervous system (e.g. Rest & Digest and immune functions, that heals and nourishes mind, body and soul)

There is an essential need for humans to connect more deeply and honestly with each other and with our natural environment. To sense and appreciate that we are not independent and that human survival depends upon co-operation and collaboration not on competition and domination with each other and nature.

The Vision.

A global community movement.

Soulwalk™ aims are to facilitate:

  • Better understanding and compassion of ourselves and each other
  • Improved mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing
  • Deeper connection, appreciation and conservation of our natural world

It is imperative that anyone wishing to partake in a Soulwalk™ Leader training course resonates, agrees and follows the fundamental principles and values below:

Soulwalk™ values:

  • Everyone is WELCOME
  • Be honest and speak only from personal experience
  • Be kind and compassionate to self and others
  • Empower others
  • No Soulwalker is left behind
  • Be YOU and be PRESENT

I would love to be a part of this global community. How do I get involved? 

Soulwalk™ Leader Training Course – 4 Stage Process 

1 – A free Introductory Zoom Chat

2 –  1 Day (6 hour) Soulwalk™ Leader Training Course (10am-5pm)

3 – Course Requirements:

  • 21 or over
  • DBS Check (we will apply for you and send you the payment link)
  • 2 personal references from employers and/or professional
  • Adult only first aid course – We suggest the British Red Cross First Aid Course
  1. Digital Certification on successful completion of your Soulwalk™ Leader Training Course.


1. Soulwalk Introductory Zoom Chat:

An initial 30 min Zoom chat or in-person meeting with Carmen & Andrew to get to know you. During this meeting it will allow you an opportunity to establish if the course is right for you but also for Carmen and Andrew to assess your eligibility for the course and to become a Soulwalk™ Leader

To book your Introductory Zoom Chat. Please email  or complete the application form with the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Residential Address
  • Email Address
  • Your contact Phone Number
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Social media handles (if you have any)
  • The location where you want to host Soulwalks™
  • What inspired you to apply

If after the Zoom chat feel there is mutual agreement that the Soulwalk™ Leader Course is right for you, then we will send you a registration link inviting you to register for a Soulwalk™ Leader Course Training Day on a date that suits you.

  1. The Course:

The training is done on 1 day and lasts 6 hours. It is done as a group session via Zoom [Some training days will be live in-person in 2022]

All participants must have access to a computer with camera, microphone and stable internet connection. The training day is recorded for everyone’s benefit of training and development, allowing participants to be more present.

In addition to covering all aspects of creating, marketing and running Soulwalk™ including safeguarding and insurance. The day is also a wonderful opportunity to meet other great souls and share inspirational ways of working.

09:45 – Get ready for 10am start

10:00 – Zoom room locked read for morning session

13:00 – Lunch break

14:00 – Afternoon session

17:00 – Finish


  1. Course requirements:

We will sort your DBS Check, however we require you to supply your own First Aid Certificate and 2 personal references.

  1. Certificate:

We will send you a digital certificate (Pdf) along with  Soulwalk™ logo (jpeg) to use on your website.

To conclude:

We hope the above all makes sense. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

We look forward to chatting with you, and welcoming you at our next Soulwalk™ Leader Training Course.

Carmen & Andrew




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