Melinda McDougall

Melinda McDougall

Gift: Melinda is a qualified Medical Herbalist, who empowers her clients to regain control of their health and rediscover the joy of wellbeing using natural medicine.

Biography: Melinda believes we all deserve a life of vitality and the ability to live our lives to our full potential. She combines the power of ancient wisdom and modern science to forge a new path to health which treats the root cause of illness rather than symptoms. Melinda holds a first-class Master of Science degree from Middlesex University and received two national awards during her studies. Herbalists undergo rigorous medical, botanical and scientific training in order to work alongside conventional frameworks.

Melinda has a particular passion for women’s health and supporting women through the menopause. Originally from Australia, her previous career as a journalist and documentary-maker has given her the great skill of listening deeply, knowing the right questions to ask and the ability to get to the heart of complex conditions.

Why we love Melinda: See those eyes. They can sense the truth. Melinda has a strong passion for understanding women’s health, and she dedicates her life to doing as much as she can to make a difference. She believes in the power of nature, and wants to help use it to it’s full potential. She makes us smile. When in her presence you can open up. Share everything you need to, to ensure you both get the results you’re after. She leaves no stone unturned. She’s open. She’s friendly. She’s committed and she’s lovely.

Services: 1-2-1 client work. Education walks in nature.

The Soulhubber’s Podcast: Who is Melinda McDougall?

Melinda McDougall Podcast

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