Dr Robert Owen

Dr Robert Owen

Gifts: Couples and Relationship Counselling

Rob believes that happiness and fulfillment is choosing the life you want to live and loving the people you need in your life.​

Couples counselling isn’t a magic wand, but it sometimes means the difference between a relationship’s failure … or its success. It isn’t always about damage repair, some couples come to him to ‘future proof’ their relationship before marriage or making a long-term commitment.

He helps you to restore trust in each other and how you relate to each other, to experiment, finding safe and healthy means to speak to each other.

Rob offers you different choices which ultimately lead you to meaningful resolution.

Biography: Husband, father and grandfather, he lives and works in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham.  Passionate about yoga, healthy living and ageing intelligently (he still has fun). He is also an environmentalist (MSc in Environmental Change) with an interest in Deep Ecology (considering the interdependent nature of human and non-human life). He holds a doctorate in education, has Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and was a visiting lecturer at Brunel University.

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Why we love Rob: It’s always great to have recommendations from the existing team. People who’ve worked with others for years, sometimes decades. That’s often where we start. We know they’re trusted sources. When we first met Rob, albeit we felt we were having our own couples counselling, he has a beautiful energy, and a gentle balance of inquisitiveness and sharing. Articulate, well-read, well-versed and above all a deep heart for helping others. He brings a new dimension to the team, and skills we can all learn, grow and develop from too. Oh and we love his ageing intelligently ethos….

Services: Couples and individual counselling

Soulhub Services: As above

Location: Strawberry Hill & Zoom

How to book: Email Rob

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