Walk In – Dance Out

Experiential retreats and workshops facilitating better understanding and expression of self through mindful embodiment. 

Your first steps to deeper self-discovery and greater empowerment.

We are all moving expressions of our soul’s stories. Our bodies feel them, our actions express them.

We’d love you to come and join us, Andrew & Carmen, as we compassionately and curiously, explore how through mindful and heart-centred movement and expression one can begin to see, understand and transform existing unconscious stories of unhealthy or misaligned patterns and behaviours learnt whilst surviving present and/or ancestral fear and trauma personally and collectively.

It’s not what you do, it is the way that you do it” that speaks volumes. Like animals, humans are innately able through a variety of interconnected senses discern the state of a person’s, or animal’s, energetic nervous system by how they sound, stand, move, look, breath etc and whether their overall being is relative to the current situation.

This is an essential skill as we are social beings who’s survival depends on communication, trust and belonging. Hence it is vital to establish the degree to which we understand and trust each other and whether or not to engage our fight or flight responses. We are all dealing with fear, trauma and grief in different ways and to differing degrees so it essential to compassionately and healthily manage our own energy but also of others.

Our retreats and workshops will inspire you to revisit old and collective narratives with compassion and empowering perspectives, as well as find new intensions and alignment to create a better future for yourself and following generations.

Andrew & Carmen integrate core life principles gained from their 40+ years of life, work, self-development and profound spiritual experiences within high powered structured corporate life, international sports arenas and the challenges of entrepreneurial life, to give you practical psychosomatic and embodied spiritual practices that facilitate compassionate awareness, transformation and liberation.

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Who is it for?

Our retreats and workshops are designed specifically with different themes in mind. Sometimes they’re lighter and more fun, and others are deeper and more therapeutic. In general they’re for anyone grappling with how to find balance, focus, courage and compassion in their lives.

Participants must be over the age of 18 and willing to participate in open and honest compassionate self-reflection in a safe group or 1-2-1 environment.

What does this experience offer?

Through simple and gentle guided activities such as conscious breathing, walking, talking and dancing, we introduce you to universal life-skills that can help you achieve:

  1. Better awareness and understanding of how your physical state is always a true reflection of your energetic state or emotions (energy in motion)
  2. Practical ways to manage ones energetic state to regain balance, harmonious flow, joy and empowerment.
  3. Appreciation of the power of intentions, perspectives, energy and the way you move, changes how you think and feel and in turn changes how you experience the world.
  4. Compassionate understanding of yourselves and others.
  5. Revisiting old narratives, allowing you to accept, see, choose and align to a future of your own free-will.
  6. More grounded, authentic and attractive energetic presence.

How can we work with you?

We’re flipping our approach around. If you’d like to work with us or join us, please get in touch and we can take the necessary steps to create the right one day or weekend workshop or retreat for you.

For business or team workshops

 If you like the idea of bringing this work into your teams or business, then please get in contact and we can chat more about what you’re looking to achieve. Email Carmen here.


Drop us a line to discuss what you need, from duration, number of attendee’s and your budget, and we’ll give you a quote. From £2,000.

A bit more about us – The Facilitators 

Soulhub Co Creators

Together Andrew & Carmen have vast experience of holding space for others and facilitating deep inner change. Their unique paths through life have taken them on directions which have led to in-depth personal journeys of self-discovery and of being in deep service to others.

Andrew, has devoted over 30,ooo hours to mastering and expressing himself through the practice of dance. A life that has taken him all over the world including stage and screen to compete, perform, lecture and coach all manner of people at differing levels of ability and awareness. This has allowed him to develop an incredible sensitivity, awareness and empathy of others but also the skill of connecting with people where ever they are at and then, if possible, helping them get to where they want to be.

Andrew has also been on his own healing journey after a collection life trauma’s brought him to his knees physically, mentally and emotionally. But as he will tell you this is was where life truly started for him and took him on an amazing journey of self-realisation and evolution which has lead back to a more balanced and harmonious life.

Carmen, has worked for multi-nationals (Barclays, Lloyds Bank) to retail (Musto, Jack Wills) looking at them from the inside/out, as communication and brand leads. She’s managed teams, agencies and projects to align, develop and deliver communication, brand, marketing and customer service strategies. She understand business and how it is for employees to be within changing environments.

Over the last 6 years Carmen retrained as a therapist, working in addiction before setting up her own private practice working with clients from all walks of life and varied mental wellbeing. Her outlook is always for them to find their own wisdom, and to provide them with the awareness and tools to enable a healthy mind, body and spirit. This is the work she loves to do, and feels called to do. Where she combines compassion with an ability to listen deeply to facilitate profound inner shifts in others.

Andrew and Carmen offer a wide level of expertise, practices and experiential wisdom that can assist you to see, understand, behave and manage yourselves better in relation with others and function at your highest potential.

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