Soul Present

You don’t know what to buy your sister, mum, husband, best friend. But you do know that they love or could benefit from some soul food.

We have the answer.

Soul Present. A soulful gift card for you, or for someone else.

From £30 you can purchase a voucher to redeem with the Soulhub Team. Either with just one of them, or with a selection, depending on your voucher.


1 – Purchase the Soul Present here

2 – Gift this to a friend/family or if for yourself, contact the Soulhub Team member and share your ‘Soul Present’ with them.

3- The Soulhub Team member will book your sessions/appointment with them/you directly.

If you have any questions about which person to work with, or wanting to know how much sessions are before you go to the team directly, then please email

Here’s a taster of what’s on offer:

  • bodywork session with Andrea Lucas
  • dance lessons with Andrew Cuerden
  • breath work with Pete Warnock
  • walking therapy with Carmen Rendell, Delilah Sullivan or Laura Beckingham
  • facial therapy with Lynn Rae
  • coaching with Rach Allan, Danielle Brooker, Delilah Sullivan, Eleanor O’Rourke, Laura Beckingham, or Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz or Nancy Joyce Hunter
  • psychotherapy with Andrea Lucas or Carmen Rendell
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