Soul Presents

Soul Presents

Gifts that nourish the soul are timeless and invaluable. No matter whether someone has little or loads in the bank. We all know that it is not the gift that matters but the emotional intention behind it. Gifts that are given from a place of genuine thoughtfulness and care are always more mutually nourishing than those last minute impulse buys that are just for the sake of it.

So we would love to share some inspirational gift ideas that feel as good to give, as they are to receive.

Soul Presents

Something for everyone

For your mind, body & soul

Our Soul Presents are bundles of joy, connection, kindness in an envelope. You can spend as little as £30, up to £499 for a Wellbeing Package with Soulhub and any of our Soulhub Team members.

Buy for your mum, dad, sister, colleague or friend. You choose your budget. They choose how to spend it.

Simply buy the voucher with Soulhub, and let them choose how and with whom they want to spend it.

Here’s some light fun or deep wellbeing ideas for how they can spend their Soulhub Present.

Light Fun & Entertaining 

  • dance or dance therapy sessions with Andrew Cuerden – Anything from the jive to the waltz. Buy a lesson with him, or treat your partner to a couples class (or even a wedding dance lesson present!)
  • facial yoga with Lynn Rae
  • archetype reading with Eleanor O’Rourke

More Therapeutic (Emotional support for 2023)

Body Work & Pampering

Online Courses

You can redeem your Soul Presents voucher against any of our Online Courses from Pete, Carmen, Carey or Ameet.

Soulhub Walk-In, Dance-Out Retreats

You can redeem against our Walk-In, Dance-Out Retreats, of which we are holding two (Spring/Autumn) in 2023.

How it works:

From £30 you can purchase the Soul Presents voucher to redeem with the Soulhub Team. Either with one individual, or a selection of the Team, depending on how much you have been gifted.

1 – Purchase your Soul Presents voucher here. You will need to create a free GiftUp account.

2 – Gift this (via the email mechanism/or print voucher) to a friend/family, or buy for yourself!

3- Book your sessions/appointments directly with any of the Soulhub Team (mention you have the Soul Presents voucher in your first interaction) or contact Soulhub directly for the online courses. Once redeemed, if there is remaining credit on the voucher it will be stored automatically for future use, but must be used within 12 months of purchase.

If you have any questions about which person to work with, or wanting to know how much sessions are before you go to the team directly, then please email

Other Christmas Present Ideas 

We’ve also got books written by Soulhubbers, and the Soulhub Team, as well as the Soulhub Journal, Christmas Cards all in our Shop here.

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