Our Raison d’Etre

Why Soulhub?

Inspired by a magical meeting house in South West London. After any big or little adventure, Founder Carmen Rendell, would always land here, Hollyhock Cafe. Where she can often be found enjoying her oat latte, breathing deeply and allowing the inspiration to flow on life’s big questions.

When we allow it, life leads us. And in 2015, Hollyhock led Carmen to Soulhub. The place your heart knows and your soul craves. Born from a desire to find a place for others to come together, to talk, be inspired and make sense of the world.

Living near Richmond Park, nature is on her doorstep and remains her place of soulfulness. A place to be grounded. To connect to something bigger than our own ego. Carmen, for now, conducts most of her business whilst walking amongst the deer and ferns. She’s a Soulwalker. As an integrative therapist, Carmen brings clients into the Park where together they work through life’s challenges.

Soulhub Co Creators

A few years later, as life continues to guide us, Andrew Cuerden danced into Carmen’s life, and joined as Co-Creator. As a professional dancer and Metaphysical Dance & Life coach, they share similar passions, and together they’ve strengthened and generated greater connection and creativity.

Their walk in – dance out encounter resembles the very essence of Soulhub.

What we’ve seen over the years is people from around the world, enter Soulhub in desperation or from inspiration. They very often find their person to guide them through our Soulhub Team, or through the inter-connected nature of the community. They may read a news post, or the Soulhub Journal and find their calling. They sometimes come to an Alfresco Dance or Soulwalk and leave feeling more joyful and grounded. They connect with others in the Soulhub Community Feel Good Hub App, to through our Wellbeing for Business soulful initiatives, and are reminded of how good human nature can be.

Whatever they need, they find.

That’s the magic.

This beautiful film from our time at The Big Retreat Festival best sums up the energy and offerings from Soulhub…

The future…

Our dream has always been to create a place for souls to come to. Like Hollyhock, probably near the sea, with a coffee shop included. Somewhere you enter, and your body knows why. It’s a safe space, for you to connect with yourself and others in a meaningful and authentic way. It’ll be made from nature. In nature.

The world needs Soulhub. The place your heart knows and your soul craves. Somewhere you feel inspired and understand yourself better.

The journey is just as important as the final project.  And if the vision is what it’s meant to be, it will appear.

Come join us on this journey. We believe we do it differently. With heart, with a genuine desire to hold a truth, and with an energy to make the world a better place for us all to inhabit.

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