Laura Beckingham

We don’t coach for a problem to be solved, we coach for a life to be lived.’

Gift: Constellation and spiritual guide

Biography: Laura runs a business called Space With-In which exists to bring the experience of being human back in to business. 10 years working in FTSE 100 organisations showed her that many people leave their real selves behind when they go to work – and ignited a passionate belief that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Though she operates under the label of ‘Coach’ (because that’s what people understand!) her clients often refer to her as their ‘Spiritual Guide’ because her approach is deep, expansive, long-lasting and life-affirming. Most of her work is with senior execs in large global businesses, where she works 121 and with teams – using systemic coaching, somatic and mindfulness practices and connection to nature to enable people to ‘slow down, step back and see more’.

Whether working or playing, you’ll find Laura at the river or barefoot in the woods, where she’ll be reading, writing, taking photographs and drinking tea!

Why we love Laura: What a woman. Often described as a ‘witch’ because she knows before you know. She just does. She often tells us what’s about to unfold. She holds a space for Soulhub and others with gentle, caring and intuitive hands. We love her Geordie accent. We love the way she makes tea. We love making her laugh. We love being in her company. In silence, or with words. We both like to be with trees, the river, and anything which connects us to something more than ourselves.

Services: 1-2-1 private and corporate

Soulhub Services: As above, Yoga Nidra on Thursdays

How to Book: Contact via Space With-In

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