Laura Beckingham

Gift:  Systemic Coach and Advisor, Spiritual Guide, Witch

Biography: Laura works with people who are keen to be active and conscious participants in the evolution of the wider system – fellow coaches and healers, and in particular, senior business leaders in organisations across the world.

The work she does with these people encourages them to ‘Calm Down, Wake Up’ bringing them into presence, supporting them to find their sense of centre. This invites them to give a place to all that is – encouraging them to clear their crap and allow what truly belongs – not so they can do less, but so that they can see, feel, hold and be more.

This is capacity building work, rooted in a deep and rich systemic practice of family and organisational constellations, body and breath work, mysticism and other forms of spirituality and the beautiful art of tea.

Laura can be described as a Coach, as that’s the label that people typically understand, but increasingly she is referred to by her clients as a Spiritual Guide, Advisor and even Witch (who were only ever the wise women alchemists after all).

You can find Laura via her business Space With-In, and she writes a lot too – most recently releasing her first book ‘As the Birds Land’

Why we love Laura: What a woman. She often knows things before you know. She just does. She often tells us what’s about to unfold. She holds a space for Soulhub and others with gentle, caring and intuitive hands. We love her Geordie accent. We love the way she makes tea. We love making her laugh. We love being in her company. In silence, or with words. We both like to be with trees, the river, and anything which connects us to something more than ourselves.

Services: 1-2-1 private and corporate

How to Book: Contact via Space With-In

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