Heal your body cure your mind

Your health depends on 5 elements

Gut Health & Inflammation

Liver Detox & Hormone Balance

Anxiety, Depression & Trauma Treatment

Balancing Your Diet, Weight & Metabolism

Adrenal Health, Immunity, Sleep & Energy

We would like to introduce you to Dr. Ameet Aggarwal who has an intimate knowledge of these 5 elements, their integration, and can give you the tools to support you on your healing journey.

Ameet Samburu

Introducing Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND

We’re delighted to support and be supported by Ameet Aggarwal. A Naturopath Doctor and Psychotherapist, Dr. Ameet. He’s one of the only, and therefore leading, naturopathic doctors who combines naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, gestalt psychotherapy, A Course in Miracles, EMDR, family constellations and homeopathy to heal your mind, body and family trauma together for your optimal healing.

His philosophy centres on the concept that therapies that only heal your body ignore the influence of your mind, and therapies that only address emotions ignore the influence of your body.

When you combine therapies that heal your mind, body and trauma together, you go deeper and treat the root cause, making it easier for you transform illness and emotional pain into energy, health and peace.

Heal your body, cure your mind

Having partaken his courses, read his book ‘Heal your body, cure your mind,’ watched him on the Biology of Trauma, and subsequently shared communication and conversations, we know he’s a Soulhubber at heart and hence reached out to collaborate with him. A man who sees the interconnectedness of wellbeing, and seeks the root cause, as well as a deep desire for change.

Dr. Ameet helps those who are sincerely seeking relief from depression, fatigue, poor gut health, anxiety, mood, liver, indigestion, skin, hormones, inflammation and sexual issues with nutrition, liver detox, natural medicine, family constellations therapy, naturopathic medicine, complimentary therapies, mental health & trauma healing. 

His content is rich and in-depth and his delivery is kind and easily understandable. We hope you gain much insight and support through his books and courses.

A Complete Online Programme to Transform your Health

Please start by watching the introductory video here:

There are 2 options for you:

1 – “I am in, lets go!”  

Video Course & the best of naturopathic & functional medicine, nutrition, homeopathy & emotional healing. 


Course Modules

Module #1: Heal Inflammation

Module #2: Liver Detox & Chronic Disease

Module #3: Release Emotional Pain & Stress

Module #4: Rebuild Your Energy, Immunity & Metabolism

Module #5: Homeopathy & Bach Flowers For Emotions

Bonus: Amino Acids For Your Brain & Mood

Bonus: Weight Loss, Emotional Healing, Brain Degeneration, Detox, Trauma & More

Bonus: Combining Therapies & Reducing Medicines

2 – “I am not sure yet, can I taste some more”  

Click link below and receive Ameet’s free e-book and mini course, from which you can then access his paid full course, if so desired.



Heal Your Body Cure Your Mind

If you are not into video courses but would like to still be inspired and supported below is Dr. Ameet’s book Heal Your Body Cure Your Mind click below depending on where you want the book to be ordered from:
From Canada – ORDER BOOK
Heal your body, cure your mind

Consultation with Ameet

If you’re looking for an individual consultation/therapy, then you contact us to arrange with Ameet.

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