Emma Cannon

“Shine like a diamond”

On Monday 1st April, we lost one of our own. A soul sister who’s profoundly touched many of our lives here in Soulhub.

Emma Cannon, Medicine Woman, mother to Lily and Violet, best friend to many, wife to Roger and cosmic healer, energy shifter. And so so much more.

We’ve been sharing our own condolences with each other at Soulhub. Some have known her for over 10 years, and all of us we have our beautiful stories to tell.

For me, Carmen, I met Emma at the School of Wizards, created by Andrew Wallas in 2014. The two curlies had a deep resonance from the offset. Always impressed, even envious of her never ending vintage wardrobe, her style and her openness as we delved into the depths of our psyches. Once a month, for two years, we’d gather with 12 others and share from our souls.

That foundation carried us through. One of my favourite joys was watching Em deliver her TedX talk. A big deal of course, and one where yet again, she shone. She’s an author of many books on women’s fertility, including The Baby Making Bible and FERTILE, and has helped thousands tell their own personal stories of finding (or not) motherhood. What a beautiful way to dedicate your life.

A few years back I took myself to the stage at a Hubdot community event, as I stood there, quite terrified to share my own story of not being the mother I’d always dreamed I would, Em, from nowhere came right in front of me and held the microphone for me. What a symbol of solitary and understanding. I don’t know how I held it together that night. Thanks Em.

Em understood how to live fully, and how life has a knack of teaching us what we need, not necessarily wanted. Surrender was a favourite of hers! That which she had to learn through the painful journey of cancer, and yet, her lens was one of who she was becoming in the process.

Go shine Em…thanks for the love, the giggles and the teachings. From us all at Soulhub

Emma’s contribution to the world

“Emma Cannon treats clients using a mind-body approach, making the connection between the physical body and the emotions. She does a 360 degree diagnosis looking at the body, its environment and its psychology. Vogue Magazine, May 2012 

Emma Cannon was a fertility and women’s health expert, registered acupuncturist, founder of the Emma Cannon Clinic, and a mentor and speaker.  With over 20 years in clinical practice, from her fertility rooms she has helped countless patients achieve their dream of having a family.  She was author of five books including the best-selling  The Baby Making Bible  and  FERTILE, which was published by Vermillion in March 2017. 

Bridging the gap between western medicine and the world of complimentary therapies, Emma was an impartial support and guide, helping each individual find the path to healing that’s right for them.  Many individuals and couples came to Emma for her unique approach to infertility, whilst other patients are seeking relief from difficult symptoms during pregnancy, post-partum, the menopause, or during cancer treatment.  Taking a highly personalised and holistic approach, Emma’s clinic offered acupuncture, diet and nutrition advice, diagnostic testing for fertility issues, and support throughout assisted fertility treatment.

Emma held a Bachelor of Science and was a member of the British Acupuncture Council and The College of Medicine.  She attended training with The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in The Management and Treatment of Infertility.  She wrote regularly for Natural Health Magazine and The Huffington Post and has contributed to many newspapers, magazines and radio programmes, as well as being included in Tatler Magazine’s Top 250 Private Doctors supplement.

Accessing her work

She spoke regularly on the subject of fertility and her TedX Talk entitled  It’s About Time We Valued Being Fertile is available to watch here.

If you want something really special to remember Emma by. Her ‘You are the Medicine Cards‘ are just incredible. They will help you connect to the cycles of life, the natural rhythms of nature and to other energies that exist outside of this planet earth we call home. You may think that you are powerless and cannot create change but the potential for change is so pertinent now that you would be amazed at what our intentions and hearts can achieve. Em designed these recently from her decades of life and professional experience, alongside the support of Eleanor O’Rourke (and Carmen helped a little) and her designer Josie Wren. You can buy Em’s ‘You are the Medicine’ cards.

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