Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz

Gift: The Man Whisperer

Biography: ‘He’s a gentle voice in the ears of the many men who come to him for help with life – he’s the man whisperer.’ Said ‘Newsweek’ of Kenny’s work. Kenny helps men get to the heart of their issues, enabling them to speak from their truth and come from love, rather than fear, fantasy or fixing. Kenny helps people understand how men tick, how to get them to talk and most importantly, how to listen and hold a safe, open space for personal transformation.

Kenny sees private clients in his canal-side castle in Camden Town and online. He’s held men’s groups for 17 years and trains other to hold their own. He has recently applied for charitable status for MenSpeak Men’s Groups, so he can pass on his tools to make men’s groups as available as 12-step programmes, relieving isolation, reducing suicide calls and creating conscious community in work, rest and play.

Why we love Kenny: He’s playful. He knows ways of getting through to the real issues in a unique way. He’s the heart and soul of Soulhub. He comes along, and brightens our day. He makes things happen with positivity and collaboratively.

Services: 1-2-1, men’s groups, workshops, public speaking

Soulhub Services: As above

Location: London & Online

Contact:  The Man Whisperer

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