Our best expression of ourselves is our story…

Who we are. Why we are the way we are. What we’ve created in the world. What we’ve learnt. What we want to create tomorrow.

Soulhub Journal is our expression of truth. Of your stories. Collected twice a year from around the world, we share personal tales told in their rawest form. From you. No editing (the odd grammar maybe!). Your pictures.

The Soulhub Journal The Collective, brings together the artwork and stories from Journals 01-05 with 17 new creations for a 2020 collective. Given all the change in the world, it feels like the right time to make a mark in the sand. Of the history. Of new creation.

It will be on sale soon after the launch on 10 Dec 2020 via Amazon. Click ‘order’ to pre-order yours in time for Christmas.

If you want an original copy of Journals 1-5 then click here.

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