Harriet MacMasters-Green

Gift: Yoga teacher

Biography: Harriet is a trained actress and dancer, and began practicing yoga in her late teens. Since then, her faded mat has never been far from her side. Harriet truly believes that inviting yoga into her life has proved both a soothing and sensory companion and a sacred space in which to nourish her soul.

It is easy for us to be pulled down by heavy thoughts and worries and it can sometimes feel like we’re sinking. Over-stimulation is overwhelming for both our minds and bodies and we can lose the ability to experience our true essence.

Through breath awareness, meditation and mindful asana practice, Harriet hopes to offer her students both the confidence and freedom to explore their bountiful, infinite light.

Why we love Harriet: From the first moment we met Harriet, she has an energy which sits with you. She calms you. She inspires you. She’s caring, supportive and gentle. Perfect combination for someone you trust your mind, body and spirit with. When she’s with her family, you can see how she holds them close, and it’s beautiful to witness. She’s taken her life experience to transform how she works and is super sensual and creative.

Services: Group and 1-2-1 yoga sessions, online courses

Soulhub Services: As above.

Location: South-West London & Online

How to Book: Click here

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