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Pete Warnock

Breathworker. Transformation coach &

tantric bodyworker 

Since living with chronic pain after childhood injuries and a nervous breakdown when he was 23, Pete discovered transcendental meditation and started having ‘awakenings’.  Everything changed. His attitude and outlook, mind, awareness and energy. He was drawn to share these discoveries and trained in several hands on bodywork and energy work modalities.

He started travelling to attend darshans, satsangs, initiations, retreats and trainings with profound spiritual masters, teachers, healers and guides around the world. His passion was to explore his deeper nature as well as discovering the potential of miracles that human’s can actually achieve.

In 1995 he taught meditation, Reiki and massage to groups and has continued to expand, hone and master his skills in 1-1’s and groups. Assisting people to reframe and transform their suffering and become Naturally Ecstatic. He works in the realms of sacred intimacy and sexuality, healing and transformation, awakening and spirituality.

His life work is guiding people to experience themselves beyond their limited thoughts and beliefs and to experience and surrender into the profound beauty, effortlessness and love of their deepest essence – life, soul, being, higher self… whatever you call the source of life. He has a gift for guiding people to discover this – whether it be through touch, breath, intimacy, voice or silence. His work is woven through with transmission of source energy, compassion, light heartedness and a wicked sense of humour.

He is the creator of Synergy Bodywork, Sacred Bodywork and Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork and as founder of Naturally Ecstatic, through which he combines everything learnt through the  journey of pain and suffering, joy and ecstasy, love and compassion to create events for lasting embodied transformation and awakening through fun, connection and beauty.

Pete lives in a conscious loving relationship with Kalindi Jordan since 2007 and has a 16 year old son who he loves dearly.

Contact: Pete Warnock

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