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Our online Soulhub Community is a fun and safe community to meet like-hearted and minded beings, to inspire, connect and share wellbeing.

At Soulhub, we deeply believe that love and honesty are the foundations for living well for all beings and the planet. Our mission is to bring about global healing and evolution through inspiring and encouraging individual understanding, empathy and honesty.

In creating this mission, we’re aware that we hold a space for this to unfold. To do that we have, for a long time, wanted to create a space for this community to meet, connect and share.

Last year we collaborated with the The Feel Good Hub (FGH) to trial and develop their new wellbeing community app. Enthusiastically we took the opportunity to work with them, as it allows us a way to support and expedite our mission – to create a social media space and community that is based on love & honesty.

In February we invited you to join our February Soulwalk Challenge. A month of daily activities to inspire an inner enquiry of mind, body and spirit. In March, we continued to build on the foundations and the community were invited to ‘Share what you love’.

We’d love you to join us.

Together, we can create an “apptmosphere” that offers everyone a breath of fresh, inspirational and soothing air, amidst the stale stench of hypocrisy that permeates the larger social media communities.

It’s a feel good space, for people to gather and share openly, honestly and lovingly about life. A place to be inspired and to inspire others and in doing so create a healthier and happier world. It’s roots are based in daily wellbeing challenges, inspiring you to be YOUR BEST with no comparison and competition with others.

Each day you can log your 1-A-Day as part of the Streakbuilder Challenge to encourage you to stay connect with your health and wellbeing, to observe longstanding change in your habits and share your goals with the community.

It’s simple and easy to join us:

1 – Download the Feel Good Hub app from Apple Store or Google Play Store


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