Raison d’Etre

Hollyhock, is my Soul Place; my soul cafe. A magical destination and yes, its in South West London. Where I go when I return from a big adventure. Where I go when my heart is hurting. I breathe deeply. I eat tasty delights and hug my one shot latte mug. At my pace. Sometimes with my best friends. Often alone.

Living near Richmond Park I get to be in nature and find my place of soulfulness. But when I’m being treated for my body or my mind, I have struggled to an equivalent for Hollyhock. I’ve found amazing masseurs, yoga instructors and mind therapists. But they often work from venues with no windows, next to busy streets, not somewhere I aspire to be exercising or relaxing. More have appeared as Soulhub grows. However, I’m yet to find one dedicated space.

The world needs Soulhub. The place your heart knows and your soul craves. I can see it. I know how it feels.

It started with your stories. Those to uncover the essence of what makes people feel soulful. Its these pages, bespoke and collaborative events and the unique and wonderful Soulhub Journal, 04 now on sale, 05 in creation. SoulCast is our digital podcasts which launch in October 2019.

It’s a hub of support. The Soulhub Team of coaches, therapists, yoga and fitness instructors, nutritionalists. Those who believe in the values of Soulhub and want to make a difference.

We bought communities together in 2019 for Soulwalks, gentle strolls in parks across London and rolling out around the British Isles as Carmen, Founder, walks the coastline raising awareness (and funding) of walking for our mental health.

One day it will be a physical manifestation of soulfulness, so you can come visit the hub for a latte, for therapy and for someone else to take care of you. For you to understand you.

Come join us on the journey.