Chris Kerridge

Chris lives in Weston super Mare working as a support worker. He also co-hosts a monthly podcast with Alex Lipinski called Stilton Blues.

How we crossed paths?

Chris, as you’ll read, is a long time friend of Alex Lipinski, the younger brother of my best friend Teresa. We’ve been at many of the same gigs, as Alex is a talented musician and plays all over the country. But it wasn’t really until one afternoon in Loves Cafe, in Weston super Mare, that we chatted about the Journal and about his journey in life. Alex had sent Chris the Journal beforehand, so he was already familiar with what Soulhub was about. Hearing his struggles, his achievements and outlook on life, it felt right for the next stage. To share his experiences.

What has he shared in Soulhub Journal?

His love of music, and how it has led and supported him through life. About addiction, and a journey to sobriety. The long and winding road…

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