Soulwalking to Inner Peace (7 Days)

by Carmen Rendell

I wonder what led you here? Well, firstly congratulations for being guided by your inner intuition. I truly hope we can go on a short journey together. I believe you are the keeper of your own wisdom, and that my role is to simply Soulwalk alongside you.

Given what we’re experiencing in the world, now is most definitely the perfect time for us to go inwards with a compassionate enquiry. Hence why for the first time, after years of Soulwalking and Walking Therapy I’m launching this introductory online course to share and integrate insights and learnings gathered from my teachers, mentors and my 46 years of wisdom on this earth. Many of which I simply want to share for you to pick and choose what might be relevant, and for us, together to bring your state of being back to one with no suffering.

On completion of this course you will:

  • Learn about my 4 pillars for inner peace and a fulfilled life
  • Receive daily tools to give you greater awareness and connection with self and others and an insight into your life intentions
  • Daily kind nudges and guidance through; video, audio and a community group, to support you through our 7 days together
  • Experience a positive shift towards your sense of inner peace
  • Begun forming the foundation of your daily wellness habits

What do you need:

  • A positive mindset to ‘give it a go’
  • Your own journal to fill with all thoughts (good, bad and ugly!), beliefs and inspiration
  • 45 – 1hr ‘dedicated time’ a day for 7 days
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for walking outside each day
  • Your commitment to YOU

Cost – From £59

Everything starts with intention (as we will cover!), and so if your intention is to find inner peace, maybe now’s the time to make that commitment to yourself. Life rewards courageous action and risk takers.

Let’s get started, sign up today. (FYI – You will need to create an account, as prompted, in Soulhub School to sign up)


If you want to add on a consultation (£60 one off) with Carmen to discuss any of the content, be guided through or to have support around any emotions which are unearthed in the process.


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