Lee Michael-Walton

Gift: Lee is a multi instrumentalist and composer originally from Wales.

Biography: He grew up inspired by the traditional choral singing in his first language of Welsh and spine tingling organ playing at his local chapel in South Wales, this led Lee to become an organ scholar and to perform concerts at cathedrals around the UK and to become a pianist, vocalist and composer.

Lee was a musician and a psychotherapist until 2009 when he had a profound, transformational life experience (preceded by a serious breakdown). An explosion of creativity then emerged, which led to a new direction in his music.
Lee became a full-time musician, expressing the universal themes of spirituality and our interconnectedness in his compositions.

Why we love Lee: His energy. He wrote for Soulhub Journal, about his life, and how it’s transformed through cancer, and we’ve followed his career and growth since. We felt it was important to have soul food within Soulhub. Someone who gets the soul of music. Creates. Plays. Makes it. Who’s heart and soul comes through as you allow the notes to flutter around your ears. He’s charismatic. Loveable. Friendly and kind. We love him.

Services:  Piano lessons

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