The place your heart knows and your soul craves

Soulhub is the stuff that makes us all get up in the morning. It’s a hub. Of stories and words to fill our souls; pages of individual and collective thoughts and feelings; events and expertise to provide guidance for us to reach our best version of ourselves.

We’re inspired by your Soul Places, Soul Food, Soul Words and Soul People.

Our Soulhub Team are a group of therapists, coaches, instructors (fitness/yoga) and nutritionalists who can support you at any given moment to guide you to live your most soulful life. Soul Review is our guide to only the best therapies, courses, spa’s and places we’ve experienced that align to the Soulhub philosophy. These both continues to grow as does Soulhub Events, only the best courses, retreats and things to do to which will inspire and support you.

Soulhub Journal is a collective of individual stories of what makes people soulful. Writers from around the globe contribute, as well as illustrations bringing our Soulhub Truths to life. 04 lands in the summer of 2019, and is now in independent magazine shops in the UK, and in 14 countries across the world.

And we’re haven’t stopped there. We’ve created Soul Walks. Designed for those of you who might not want to, or may not feel the need to book in to see a coach or therapist, but could do with a neutral sounding board. You’ll have qualified therapists and coaches on hand (3-1 ratio) to walk with you and other like minded souls.

We’re loving the journey. Join us where you can.