Huma Mahmood

Who is she?

Huma is a truth seeker and writer. A nature photographer. A spoken word artist. Wanderer. Human Being. Expressionist. Living for an through human connection. She can be found in green spaces, observing the world around her, capturing sunsets and sunrises. Daydreamer. Student of life. Prone to having philosophical conversations with strangers.

How did we cross paths?

At Dylan Ayaloo’s Awaken weekend, Huma stood up and shared her talent. Spoken word. The 100 people crowd sat in silence, and I was blown away. The talent and the confidence of this young lady. And her delivery. Open, honest, real and captivating. I walked straight up to her, and asked her to write for us. She cried. I cried. She said it was the best thing that had happened to her all year. It reinforced why we do this. Why I do it.

What has she written for Soulhub Journal Collective?

An exploration of self. How is it to be a 21 year old.


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