Sara Moorehead

Sara lives in Washington State with her husband Jeffrey, and their border collie, Gus.

Sara recently retired from her career in marketing and communications, and is applying her experience as a mediator/facilitator to her new interest as a death doula. In this role she supports people in preparing for end-of-life, regardless of age or health.

Among her other interests are hiking, baking, reading and questionable art.

How we crossed paths?

Before 2008 (I say that because those years all come together as one) Sara and I both worked at Canary Wharf for Barclays Bank. I have such recollection of her still being at her desk, as was I, during many dark long evenings. We’d chat, and I’d always be appreciative that a senior executive had time for the executive assistant. Sara treats everyone as humans, with no hierarchy, only seeing them as souls, and giving everyone the time of day. That’s why she’s been so amazing in her roles. When I first travelled to the US in 2009, I asked Sara where she recommended I stayed in Seattle. Instead she picked me up at the airport, with a bottle of water, and took me back to her home with husband Jeff. The start of a very beautiful friendship.

Her offering for Soulhub Journal Collective?

‘The Shape of God’ Sara asks us to consider – Who or what is sparking you these days? What brings you lifeforce? What shape does your god take? Just a small question which she explores for herself in her article.

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