Carmen quite enjoys talking! In fact she loves it. That’s why she’s a therapist. And why she’s working with people.

She’s been delighted to be part other’s media content. Including some recent podcasts with Mark PitcherLaura Beckingham and Sarah Williams.

Mark brings interesting guests together on ‘Smash the Box’. He’s a motivational coach and speaker, so you can imagine that he loves to talk to people who inspire him. We met him at a HubDot event and whilst Carmen talked about the delicate subject of not having children, Mark listened, and their connection started. Over a coffee in Waterloo, they hatched a plan, and here’s the final piece. A beautifully crafted and very natural interview. As if we’ve known each other for years.

Smash the Box Interview

Laura Beckingham, is a regular Soulhubber. She’s written for two of our Soulhub Journals, and is a member of the Soulhub team. We love her, her energy, and her soul. Her own business leads her to working with busy leaders, often based in the City. She’s inquisitive to understand how we survive in these modern times. In particular, how do we navigate space in the city. Her podcast ‘Space in the City‘ looks at finding meaning in the midst of a fast, full and modern life, where we talk about ‘Exploring the edges to find the centre’.

Space in the City Interview

Sarah Williams is the original Tough Girl. Having recently walked the Portuguese Camino, she interviewed me about Soulwalk. How is came about, what the intention was. How the personal journey unfolded, and how I expect to feel when it’s all done. Quite a question.

Tough Girl Challenge Interview

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