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My Take on the 5AM Club: Magic or Myth?

By Justine Nagaur

Rising at the crack of dawn, when the world is still hushed, might seem like a secret doorway to productivity and serenity and I started my journey into the 5 am club with much excitement.

Inspired by Robin Sharma’s “5 AM Club,” I’ve been pondering with the longer days if I want to delve in and give the 5 am club another go. Could these early, dewy mornings really be the key to unlocking a fuller, more vibrant day. Let’s muse together about the charms and challenges of this wake-up call.

Why You Might Fall in Love with the 5 AM Club:

  1. Quiet Hours Equals Golden Hours: There’s something almost magical about those early hours. It’s just you and the sunrise, with space to breathe and create before the day’s demands come knocking. Imagine having that extra time to pour into your projects with zero interruptions. That is if you don’t have young children or a barking dog in which case getting up earlier might fill you with dread.
  2. A Morning Ritual for the Soul: If you fill your mornings with little rituals like meditation, a brisk walk, or journaling, you’re setting your mental and emotional state on a positive path for the day. It’s like giving your soul a warm hug! I didn’t follow the recommended routine with my early rise last year, but I did go straight out into Richmond Park and found the quietness there to be divine.
  3. Mastering Your Time: Waking up at 5 AM can make you feel like you’ve stolen a march on the world. With those extra hours, it’s easier to design a day that balances work with play, keeping you rooted in what truly matters. However, remember, sometimes those stolen extra awake hours sometimes reverse and mug you for some sleep hours.
  4. Endless Energy: Stick to this early rise, and your body clock resets. You might just find yourself buzzing with energy, riding a wave of vitality that lasts the entire day. I would manage about 3 early rises, I just did not have the willpower to do it 7 days a week.
But, It’s Not All Sunshine and Rainbows:
  1. Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea: We’re not all wired the same way. Night owls, like some enchanting creatures of the dark, might find this shift to early mornings more exhausting than exhilarating. Listen to your body’s rhythms. People are genetically wired to be night owls or early birds or even something inbetween. Way back when this was to ensure that ‘someone’ was awake to keep watch at all times, so are you fighting against your natural inclinations?
  2. The Stress Sneak: Sometimes, the pressure to stick to this ideal can sneak in stress rather than serenity. Life’s unpredictable, and when your perfectly planned morning goes awry, it can leave you feeling more frazzled than freed. I know I would get FOMO when I couldn’t make the 5 am and then sometimes would be a little hard on myself, which is the last thing one wants.
  3. Missing Moonlit Moments: With early mornings come early nights. If your social life or creativity sparks more under the moon than the sun, you might feel a bit of a pinch here. This for me was also a challenge, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, it’s about balance. Continuity was something I did not achieve.
  4. Compromised Immunity? Jumping into a 5 AM routine without enough sleep can leave your body a tad vulnerable, weakening your immune system and making you feel run down instead of revved up and then what do we do? We reach for a caffeine shot, maybe more than usual and the cycle continues when the adenosine drops and sleep starts to kick butt.
Is the 5 AM Club Your New Best Friend?

It’s all about alignment. Does rising with the robins align with your body’s natural clock? Does it harmonize with your personal and professional aspirations? It’s worth tuning into your own needs and having a real good look at your lifestyle, health, relationship/family needs before resetting that alarm clock.

Conclusion: Embracing the 5 AM Club can be like opening a treasure chest of time and tranquility. Yet, it’s not a magical solution for everyone. It’s more about finding what rhythm beats true to your life’s melody. So, whether you’re up with the stars or the sun, find your own best hour to rise and shine!

How Can I Support You?

With these longer days you might be finding that your ‘rhythm’ is a little slower to catch up, or you might be feeling restless.

There are a few ways I can help you:

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Love Justine xxx

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