Walk In…Dance Out Therapy

A Psychotherapeutic, Metaphysical and Spiritual embodied workshop. Andrew and Carmen will help you explore and express your inner emotions through insightful movement.

In partnership with bhuti, this 90 minute workshop will take you on a journey of enquiry which can be as shallow and fun or deep and transformative as you’re willing or able to go. Through a variety of universal principles and practices, we hope you will enjoy our unique fusion, experience in movement, spirituality and therapy to give you further awareness, empowerment and wellbeing.

About Andrew & Carmen:

You can read more about us on our Soulhub Team pages. Since getting to know each other, just before lockdown, we have felt compelled to bring our work together and create this unique workshop. We have both spent decades asking curious and deep questions about life, which have led us to teachers all over the world, as well as those within our own families (always our best teachers!) and given us the confidence to share what we’ve experienced from a deep inner place.

From a life time of dancing, metaphysical study and more recently yoga, Andrew has gained a deep understanding and practical appreciation of the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit. He believes in the power of awareness to the nuances of life that make a great dancer, leader, intimate partner or just a good ol’ grounded human being. We will explore how every movement tells the story of the mind, but also how movement can help us re-write our story and subconscious programs.

Carmen, over the last 10 years has led a path of self enquiry which has taken her around the world from a spiritual quest, but also through integrative therapy and therapeutic training here in the UK, to give her a rounded view and experience of how and why humans function. I’m a walking therapist.

To Book: 

The workshop is priced at £12. Please reserve your space by emailing and book and pay here

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