Letting Go – Soul Words October

We’ve had an incredible response to our Soul Food September, with 16 writers sharing their experiences from across the world on their relationship with Food. Mood, energy, health and love.

Given how everyone on this planet it currently re-aligning themselves, with COVID-19, Climate Change, societal, political, economical and emotional shifts, we felt it was the perfect time to talk about…


This can be interpreted in whichever way you receive it. It could be about surrendering to your situation. Letting go of a relationship, a home, a way of being, a job. It could be about grief and the loss of old ways, family members, friends, partners, homes, jobs, security or indeed a sense of who you were, and who you are becoming. Maybe letting go of anxiety, anger, self-pity, criticism, judgment of others.

We’re looking for guest writers.

If you’re interested, please take a read of the guidelines (Soulhub Content Submission Guidelines_Oct2020), and look at the examples on Soul Food September, then get in touch with Carmen to share your idea.


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