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Me, Mr G & Food

By Kirsty Lewis

Food and Love, two things I love, for different reasons…

Mr G and Food

I love food.

I love Mr G (the affable Frenchman in my life).

My G is a fussy fucker when it comes to food.

And there in-lies an inherent problem for this foodie.

This lover of cheese, fish, seafood, meat, experimenting, going to restaurants.

Is he a veggie?


He eats burgers and chilli.

It’s a texture thing, with a dose of frenchness.

Cause when you are in love with a man who doesn’t like cheese, fish or meat and he doesn’t tell you in the first few months of dating it is a little tricky!

The first weekend Mr G came to London I had the food planned out.

Thai on the Friday night and on Saturday….

A yummy Chicken Bastilla by Sabrina Ghayour from her book Persiana.

A Morrocan pie with ginger, cinnamon, date, honey, coriander flavours. Densely packed chicken, onion, eggs, nuts in a delicate filo pastry with icing sugar.

Accompanied with a green salad.

Friday went well.

Saturday not so good.

Friday Mr G choose his own food so I didn’t notice the lack of meat.

The Moroccan pie was one step too far on the texture front  – except he didn’t tell me about the texture thing.  I worked it out for myself.

I really wanted to like this quirky Frenchman sitting with me in London but he wasn’t enjoying my food, was presenting problems about the size the chicken was shredded, how was this ever going to work out?

And then…….

Mr G made a chocolate fondant gateau.  To call it a cake is wrong.

This 40 something man whipped up a gooey, unctuous, chocolate thing that was dreamy to smell, tasted amazing and was served with a cold glass of pink champagne.

My tummy was won, as was my heart!

Five years on and we, or maybe it is I, have found the food that works for us both.

He loves my curry and anything spicy – I was not expecting that from a Frenchman!

He is ok with me adding marmite to dishes. So long as he doesn’t have to eat it on toast!

My sourdough loaf is a hit as are my Gin and Tonics!  We debate the efficacy and credibility of English champagne – I mean sparkling wine.

He makes an amazing quiche, burger in a bun and knows a good baguette when he tastes one.

If I had let the first weekend dinner be the deciding factor then I would have missed out on a lot of fun, laughs and adventures.

The Chocolate Cake

Guest Writer: Kirsty Lewis is the Founder of School of Facilitation working with businesses and facilities to make a difference. She resides between the mountains in France (with Mr G) and the outskirts of London, in Oxfordshire.

Where to find her: School of Facilitation 

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