Organise your Soulwalk

A Soulwalk starts with intention. And we’d love to help you step forward and do something wonderful for your local community, employees or teams.


We want to make this as easy as we can for you. We have a bunch of principles which are at the heart of Soulwalk. These are:

  • Anyone is WELCOME
  • Be kind and compassionate to others
  • Be you
  • Always held in a safe accessible location for others to join you for approx. 3kms

If these don’t cause any inner conflict, then we’d love you to organise your own Soulwalk.

We will give you the support to do it including:

  • Information about how to tell others about your Soulwalk
  • An image to use (and videos)
  • How we recommend sharing information for people to register
  • A platform (Soulhub/Soulwalk) to share your updates/news (e.g. email, social media)

Soulwalks can be longer or shorter than 3kms, but we think this distance works when you’re getting started.

If you want to register for a pack, then please email with the following details:

  • Your name
  • The location you want to host the Soulwalk
  • What inspired you
  • Your contact details

Thanks so much – We can’t wait to get you up and walking….

Soulwalking to Inner Peace – You can access our Soulwalking programme, giving you something to achieve on your own Soulwalks with Walking Therapist Carmen Rendell.

Next Soulwalk – Sunday 4 April 2021 at 10am – See Soulhub School Calendar


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