Gus Hoyt

Gus Hoyt

Gift: Gus is one of the only Level 2 trained Wim Hof Instructors in the UK, Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor and Conscious Breathwork Coach. He has been playing and experimenting with this practice and meditations for the past 20 years.

Biography: Gus first became interested in the health benefits of breathwork, cold exposure and meditation as a free-diver off the Dorset coast – an activity that opened the door to a new world and perspective on life.

Since then he has pursued many high-stress careers around the world first as a professional chef, then an internationally acclaimed environmental campaigner. He’s served as an elected city representative on the local, national and international stage and even spent a year working as a cowboy in the mountains of Colorado.

Gus studied psychology and philosophy at University and advanced physiology as part of his Paramedic training in Colorado, which halted at the EMT level with his return back to the UK.

Over the last three years he returned to his source and is now a professional breath, cold-exposure and confidence coach.

Gus works with semi-professional athletes, those suffering from crippling anxiety as well as anyone wanting to dig deep within their psyche and become the best version of themselves, no matter what their persuasion.

Why we love Gus? One of the team Carey, shared her passion for his work and enthusiasm, which very quickly transmitted to us. We love his energy, integrity and commitment to his work and those he works with. He’s passionate about real change in the world, whether that’s through his practice with individuals, or how he goes about his every day life.

Location: Bristol, online and a regular traveller to locations around Europe and the UK.

How to Book: Contact Gus by email clicking here or find out more on his BreathandIce Instagram

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