How one person can contribute to a Global Healing

Shaun Sutton is a practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine, and has studied widely with a variety of Masters and Teachers of the healing Arts and Medicines of the Orient. His work his heavily influenced by a Japanese approach, an acupuncturist and herbalist, he was responding to our Soulhub enewsletter, and felt an urge to share his work. Thank you Shaun.

Since writing, as below, Shaun has recorded some of his thoughts on how we can all assist each other in this global healing. Take a listen here.


Dear Soulhub readers, I read with great joy the Soulhub Journal, organized by our lovely Carmen and friends, and to see so many wonderful vibrant faces of the contributors I am left with a sense that Global Healing is more than an idea, but can become a practical reality for everyone to enjoy the fruits from.

I wish to introduce to you the treasure and gift I have fairly recently received and been just coming to terms with accepting. Something profound happened to me, not all at once but little by little, where I found it is possible to become a healer, on a certain special level of the heart of all those I encounter. It is subtle, but is there to be gauged and monitored, and now I find this gift I have received can be  transferred and used by others on a mass level. Yet whilst I try to remind myself of this, I feel ill equipped to get this special healing out into the World to make the difference I know is real and possible. I have been referring to this special gift as ‘The Intention’, because I don’t know what else to call it.

For about ten years I have been following my own journey of the Heart, as a tool for maintaining mind and body during this time of difficulty and managing myself to remain on the right side of personal endeavor, not knowing the outcome of where following the heart will lead.

For nearly twenty years I studied and practiced Chinese Herbal Medicine, Qigong, massage and whatever else I have found an interest in to bring better health to my clients. In so doing I found the best person in all this to work on is myself, and identified with the ways of the Tao more recently, in appreciation that the most interesting area to work with for myself and others was through what I now consider as the Mind and Body connection. When the Mind finds its clarity, and connection with the senses, as opposed to what is going on in the mind, then the physical form becomes somewhat clearer, stronger and flexible, and many of the physical and emotional symptoms lessen, and often resolve.

With this appreciation I began focusing on my personal care first thing every morning, to return this sense of inner clarity before I engage with the World in any way, so as to be in my best place to commence the day, and through this hopefully save time and energy, through making better judgments. I have come to recognise how sleep causes me to become out of harmony, in Mind and Body, and so there is a distinct need to sort myself out first thing. Ultimately the most important goal in this all is to find that special connection in myself, through the senses, and to experience a distinct integration with Nature. As the day wears on, and I find myself ruminating about something or other, I now more quickly recognise this as a sign and guide in returning myself to the sense experience, through whatever means I have been following, which are numerous, to re-integrate myself with Nature once more, to feel free and more positive in myself. It is the journey of the Heart I am following. This was my way to bring me to the point I now find myself, and for this special Intention to become apparent.

So what now? The first thing is I am constantly learning more as each week goes by, and have to deal with viewing this Intention as an evolution of an idea I find is a practical reality. So even with writing this, next week I may see things quite differently, so I have to adapt my ideas surrounding it to reflect the newer picture. This makes it difficult to communicate what I am up to and the potential for this very special Intention. However, what I can say is that this Intention is the way of the Heart, and as such affects the Heart and how we are connected with others, in the family, including pets, and those people we encounter or simply think of each day.

This Intention, I am working with just now, before it changes with my own development through following the path I have found myself on, works by helping us feel more positively about anyone who comes to mind. It is a well known and commonly recorded phenomenon for us to reflect or mirror the energetic imbalances of others, leading us to not just feel different in ourselves through such thoughts and connection, but to at times become someone else, who we really are not, if we are often thinking of or encountering people who are imbalanced in themselves. I would measure this phenomenon on the massage table, observing the physical bodily reactions of people as a consequence of them just simply thinking of someone else.

In following my experiments with this, I found that when someone lay on the massage bed and then held something I had written or made, or even just looked at it or me, then on thinking of someone else they did not react in the measurable ways I had been noting. The Intention I imparted through what I gave them to hold or look at broke the reflective cycle. Where this person was directly connected to the other, as in a family member or pet, then they demonstrated a distinct improvement of their physical form and a calming of their own mind, to such an extent for physical discomforts to commonly dramatically improve, at least for a short while. These experiments with others maintained my interest in what I was working with, even though it was hard for the most open minded of people to accept and fully appreciate this significance. However I could appreciate it, as I was able to time after time demonstrate it to myself.

Several years ago I was very interested in the standing stone circles in England and around the world, such as Avebury in Wiltshire, as a specific example, and came to creating my own stone circles for a while, as a part of this journey of the Heart I was following. My finding was that the influence of a stone circle was not so much a circle, as in reality it makes a dome or sphere, of dimension in their influence in height being the radius of the circle, where fully functional. What limited my work with stone circles was that the mass of stone I needed to use, of a specific kind, increased exponentially with the size of the circle made, for it to be functional. Also through working with stone circles for some time it also came to pass that I no longer found them effective for me, and my inner system had moved on to needing something new. However it passed my imagination that perhaps this special Intention I was working with could be used like a stone of a stone circle.

As of now, since testing out this idea, beginning with small circles, created by placing four pieces of paper I had drawn on, at the four corners of my massage bed, and then extending this to the four corners of the room, then of the house and then the garden, I find it is possible to extend the area of the influence of this Intention to affect a whole village.

This means that within the area of the circle being created, whatever its size, in testing anyone in thinking of someone else, there is no physical reaction and as such no mirroring of the imbalance or pathologies of others, at least at the level the Intention is operating at, of the Heart.

The other phenomenon I have noted is that anything created within the circle of the Intention, will itself hold the Intention, and any food or beverage passing through the circle will pick up the Intention.

 The level the Intention I am working with is not healing everything in people, but does block this reflection of pathology. My feeling is that it does this through temporarily healing the person on thinking of them, noted from between 15 – 45 minutes, at the level of the Intention, although this is difficult to assess in practice. All I note is what is happening on the massage table.

I note how hills and soil blocks the Intention in these circles, but the walls of a regular house do not. So in my own village where I have experimented with this, which sits within a deep valley, I placed stones I have drawn hearts upon, with a permanent marker pen, at all the high places so they can connect with each other without soil or rock blocking whatever is connecting them. As a consequence of my creating numerous circle of the Intention around this village, in Germany where I now live, on testing people within the area there is no reflection reaction to thinking of others. Also, I have noted how the locals are actually now friendlier than they used to be toward me, and whilst this could be just my imagination, it would make sense, if they are becoming clearer in their hearts.

In my village several hundred years ago, they killed all the healers as witches. If they knew what I have been up to there could of course be a new witch-hunt, for yours truly! So I am ‘coming out’ to let you know what I have been up to.

As this works in practice, my assertion is that my Intention fits the times somehow, as if this Intention was already out there working, I would not have noted the findings I have in practice. Times change with the situation of society, and my guess is that this specific Intention will only have a short life before something new is needed. It may be other healers have this same Intention they can manifest into circles, or spheres in the way I have found possible, and it may be even a possibility for Intentions of different healers to be combined to cover more effect than that which I am, or alternatively it may be we are all just working at the same level of the Heart.

I appreciate it sounds fanciful to suggest we can all contribute to Global Healing, but I suggest it is not just possible, but also practical and very easy to do. It is also something that naturally will spread out on its own accord, if you think on it, but it is also possible to help it along, by seeding areas where we live around the world. With so many negative things looming for humanity just now, we need to counter these as best possible, and our shared Intentions really are the best weapon we have just now to bring more sense to the people of the world. Think on this message please, in how globally if people are disconnected from the destructive pathologies of each other, how this could make a huge impact on how we all get along.

If you want to collect and recreate this Intention, and add it to your own, there are a few places in England I have made circles around. These are;

  • The Pembroke Lodge Entrance Café area, from the toilets to the Richmond Park side of the Café booth, where the lovely Hasan works.
  • Richmond Gate to the Richmond Park, between each roundabout.
  • The whole of Webbers Yard in Dartington, Totnes, including the wonderful Almond Thief Bakery.
  • The Dartington Estate’s Green Table Café, Totnes.
  • Sea Lane Café in Goring-by Sea, West Sussex.

At any of these locations, simply take with you a few pebbles or some cards of paper and draw anything on each, then take them home and place them in the corners of you home. Anything you draw or make will then contain your own Intention with that of my own, and then spread it to all your friends around the world. If you have friends in the Middle East and Russia, China, anywhere in fact, send them some cards and ask them to do the same.

As for yourself, do what I do, whatever it takes to connect your Mind to Nature. It puts our minds in the best place for whatever we do in life. I love it how Carmen takes her clients for a walk and consultation outside, how refreshing an approach.

With Love and my best

Shaun (July 2019)

Find out more about Shaun: First his website


  • Shaun
    August 3, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Thanks Carmen, what a shining Star you are. Even if just one person can find this way it is worth the effort…..let’s see

    • Soulhub
      August 28, 2019 at 3:06 pm

      Too true Shaun. Once out there, you never know who might discover something new for themselves. Appreciate your attention and intentions. x


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