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London Nootropics

Soulhub and London Nootropics have created a blended partnership which supports one of our favourite pastimes,  and brings wonderful ingredients together.

Tell us more about London Nootropics?

Their adaptogenic coffee blends are designed to help you flow through your day, they give you all the benefits of regular coffee whilst minimising side effects such as jitters, anxiety and a crash.

They’re made with the highest-quality medicinal mushrooms and other adaptogens and each blend is designed for a specific purpose – Grind for mental clarity and focus, Zen to alleviate stress & anxiety and Mojo for a natural boost! Mojo contains Cordyceps mushroom which is known to increase aerobic capacity and oxygen flow around your body and also to boost ATP – our energy molecule. You can read more about each of their blends and the adaptogens they contain on their website.

Why adaptogens and coffee?

Adaptogens help balance physical and mental stressors in our mind & body. Caffeine can help increase our alertness and attention (by blocking our adenosine receptors, which make us drowsy) – it can also increase our cortisol levels (our stress hormone) which can result in jitters/anxiety. Adaptogens can help balance our cortisol levels, ensuring we get the benefits from coffee whilst minimising any side-effects. Caffeine is also absorbed quickly, which may result in a crash and adaptogens can help give us sustained energy levels without a crash – plus they have additional health benefits too!

Their vision is to make the highest-quality adaptogens easily accessible, convenient & delicious, helping more people benefit from their balancing properties and find their flow.

Working in partnership with us

For those lucky enough to come to the Soulhub Retreats, we’ll be gifting you with London Nootropics, and as part of the Soulhub Community, you can access a 15% discount using ‘soulhub’ on your account.

To place your order today, and ensure you get your 15% off, click here

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