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Lessons learnt….so far

Whether you’re in lockdown, under the threat of it, never been in it, you won’t have escaped the impact of the pandemic rolling across the globe. As some say, the pandemic could be ‘fear’ itself, or the actual C-19 virus. Both have had a huge impact on us as humans, communities and the ecosystem.

We’re far from over the experience, and if life us, the hours, days and months are merging in to one. We wanted to take the time to capture where we’re at. Our own time-capsule.

What have you learnt so far? About yourself, your community or about life. Have you learnt to be more patient? To slow down from the crazy busyness. Have you taken more time to be with your children, and experienced them in a new way. Noticed things about them you’d not been privy to before? Or maybe you’ve noticed how much you love to read, swim, dance, do nothing. Or that some friends are no longer friends. Or new friendships have been born out of connections over the garden fence? To distrust what the power that be tell you, or that you can survive without much money. To tell your mum you love her. To be surrounded by nature or pets.

So much, right?

And we’d love to hear the commonalities and the polarities. Because we are all experiencing it in our own unique way, depending on who you are, where you are in the world, and how you are choosing to be.

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