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Periods – Let’s talk about your monthly cycle with Claire Baker

Transform your intimate relationships through cycle tracking.


Claire Baker, period coach and naturally fertility teacher talks with 40fortea host Rach Allan about all things Periods. Yes! It’s time to get aware. This cuppa is for men and women to really understand a Women’s monthly rhythm. (Men btw have a 24 hr rhythm). Understand the seasons and hormonal changes each week, how to track your cycle and use that to improve intimacy and relationships. A lively and personal chat on periods, sex and being a woman.
This episode includes:
  • Explain a woman’s monthly cycle
  • Understand the hormonal cycle and why we are emotionally different each day
  • Why we feel more sexy at different times of the month
  • How to have a great relationship with your partner
  • Self acceptance and Self expression
  • Moon cups and tampons
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For more show notes and past guests, please visit 40fortea
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