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14 April – Moon Beyond Horizon

When sky is clear, and sun a memory of the day, moon without presence, hidden beyond horizon, I can look to the sky as it darkens, make out the stars.

When I clearly feel the breeze, as if silk gliding across my face, a mixture of warmth and chill, and the sky and air satisfy to fill my sense, I feel ready to know.

What is meaningful no longer holds meaning, to smile is an expression of the heart, to breath brings me closer to the land, to hold precious, my joy in this moment.

13 April – Wild Cherry 

Sliding into the Forest vibe and rhythm, this fine Spring day, I note bright new colours of flowers along my path. Varying shades of yellow, mauve, white, fluorescent.

I do my best not overlook this wonder just now, to try soak up this time, which while feels endless, I know will pass as others have, before these memories are all remaining.

What say the heart to such expression of myself? A little sadness at my edge, yet to feel such free wonder is a treasure I can carry, that brings the foot fall lighter along this Woodland’s way.

12 April – Blue Bugle

Beginning my walk, to find freedom in my expression, I’m resistant to my freedom’s expression, in the deeper sense.

Then, a little later in, I’m feeling that which the land has to offer my heart, and I’ve again found my freedom.

Analogy unimportant, the moon sits opposite the sunset, and the Black Bird’s song stands out the loudest.

Whatever shock I’ve lost, what way I thought the way, the word, is unrivalled to how the silent world sits quiet.

Bright Blue Bugle is this evening’s master, small wonder in a swath of green, stands singularly quietest above the rest.

About Shaun Sutton

Each day Shaun, Japanese acupuncture and herbal medicine consultant, is writing poetry from the Black Forest, Germany, as he expresses the emotional journey of the lockdown.

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