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The Big Retreat Festival

We headed to the fields in Wales….

Video Credit: Bertie Harriman-Smith. Feel free to contact at him here

The Big Retreat Festival invited Soulhub back this year to host Soulful walks, talks, singing, dancing and workshops to inspire and engaged their festival goers.

We bought some of our Soulhub Team to Wales under the banner of ‘Energy Management‘. On the understanding that everything is energy in motion.

In a world where our energies are constantly being depleted through division and contamination, it’s a struggle to harmoniously find, sustain and transform our energies so as to find balance with ourselves and others.
Hence we felt it deeply important to explore this subject.

We explored this through our voices, our bodies, our words, our food, our environment and our being.

Over the 4 days we held the following events:

1 – Metaphysical Dance with Andrew Cuerden
2 – Soulwalks with Carmen Rendell & Andrew Cuerden
3 – Salsa couples with Andrew Cuerden
4 – ‘Growing With The Flow’ talk with Andrew Cuerden & Carmen Rendell
5 – ‘Knowing Your Emotional Self’ with Carey Davis-Munro
6 – ‘Food Gives Us Energy – Or Does It?’ with Sue Camp
7 – ‘Soulful Singing Workshop. Folk songs from around the world in simple harmonies’ with Teresa Lipinski
8 – ‘Listening Deeply’ with Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz

It was a beautiful gathering where participants deeply listened, shared, cried as well as sang and danced for uninhibitedly for joy.

Thanks to Amber Lort-Phillips at The Big Retreat Festival, the Soulhub Team, and everyone who joined us.

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16.00 – 17.00 Metaphysical Dance (Fitness Field 1)

Host: Andrew Cuerden

An opportunity to experience a new modality of embodied life coaching using the principles of dance to animate and understand the energetic principles of life such as alignment, presence, intention, balance, structure, flow etc.


09:00 -10.00 Soulwalk (Meet at Talk Tent)


Soulwalks are mindful open-hearted walks in nature, designed and structured to facilitates a more therapeutic and restorative experience whilst walking. In the process creating healthier, happier and safer communities. Soulwalks were launched in 2018 and have a recently created a community of Soulwalk Leaders around the UK.

Soulwalking super-charges the naturally holistic benefits of walking by integrating simple embodied practices of moving, breathing, thinking and expressing with intention, awareness and appreciation, that gently yet profoundly guide one into a deeper presence with oneself and others.

10:15 -11.15  Salsa Couples Class (Main Stage)

Host; Andrew Cuerden

Ex-Strictly Professional Andrew Cuerden will get you up and moving to some salsa music. Learn the basics with a loved one, family member or someone you’ve just met in the field. You’ll be moving and grooving before you realise it and ready to dance the night away to Toploader!

15.00-16.00 SOUL TALKS (Talk Tent)

Hosted by Carmen Rendell/Andrew Cuerden

Growing with the flow. with Carmen Rendell and Andrew Cuerden

Co-creators of Soulhub, Carmen Rendell and Andrew Cuerden will share their personal stories of how they came to meet. From bush to ballroom and beyond, Andrew has danced his way to the International stage in Ballroom and Latin American dancing, before his divorce and hitting a mid-life recalibration and found him on his healing journey through many twists and turns. Carmen has sailed high seas, walked to Everest Base Camp, moved through her own divorce, a corporate career of 20 years, retraining in therapy and setting up Soulhub. Together they share how community and collaboration has enabled them to create a unique offer in Soulhub and its growing community.


10:30 – 12:30 SOUL TALKS with Carey Davis-Munro and Sue Camp (Talk Tent)

Hosted by Carmen Rendell/Andrew Cuerden

Knowing your emotional self – Energy is everything and everything is Energy! Coach and Wellbeing Speaker Carey Davis-Munro will lead you through an interactive workshop on raising self awareness of your emotions, thoughts and feelings,  understanding the chemical changes they can trigger and how to move them through your body. Carey will cover how to pace yourself throughout the day, move through your gears and deal with mood hoovers! We will also practice getting out the head and into the Heart to help us make appropriate decisions. Bring your water and full emotional self….

Food gives us energy – or does it? – Clinical Nutritionist Sue Camp

How can we best nourish ourselves to provide an even release of energy throughout the day? The mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells that help us create the energy we need. What are the foods and nutrients that help to fire them up  – and what inhibits their function?

What are the other body systems (such as thyroid and adrenals) that impact our energy and how can we optimise their balance? It’s a complex dance and there is so much we can do to help it flow.

19.30 – 21.00 Soulful singing workshop with songs from around the world with Teresa Lipinski (Ganesh Tent) and/or an alternative time of 19.00-20.30.

Soulful songs from around the world in simple harmonies. Singing workshop facilitator Teresa Lipinski will lead a relaxed singing session for all ages and abilities. She will help us find joy in our voices and give us a glimpse of the transformative power of singing with others.

Hosted by Carmen Rendell/Andrew Cuerden

Soulful songs from around the world in simple harmonies. Singing workshop facilitator Teresa Lipinski will lead a relaxed singing session for all ages and abilities. She will help us find joy in our voices and give us a glimpse of the transformative power of singing with others.


Hosted by Carmen Rendell/Andrew Cuerden

08.45 – 09.45 SOUL TALKS with Kenny Mammarella’D-Cruz (Talk Tent)

Hosted by Carmen Rendell/Andrew Cuerden

Listening Deeply – “Coach, consultant and guru of all things men” (Express) Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz will show us how to connect with ourselves and each’s other beyond the babbling voices in our heads. You’ll listen to the guidance of your soul beyond your inner critic and obsessive thinking. Don’t be afraid!”

12.00 SOULWALK (Meet at Talk Tent)


  1. Carmen Rendell – Walking Therapist, Co-Creator of Soulhub
  2. Andrew Cuerden – Metaphysical Dance Coach, Professional Latin and Ballroom Dancer, Co-Creator Soulhub
  3. Carey Davis Munro – Coach & Wellbeing Speaker, Author of Eat, Nourish, Flourish
  4. Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz – The Man Whisperer, Coach & Founder of MenSpeak Men’s Groups
  5. Sue Camp – Clinical Nutritionist
  6. Teresa Lipinski – Singing for Health and Wellbeing Facilitator
  7. Bertie Harriman-Smith – Videographer
  8. Youssef Boutayeb – DJ for education

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