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February Soulwalk Challenge

It’s cold (or warm if you’re in the Southern hemisphere) February – And we are here to offer you the opportunity to

Walk, Share & Connect

To inject some soulful energy, focus and friendship into your life.

Fancy walking throughout February?

We will join you EVERY DAY. Together we’ll challenge ourselves to get out, come rain, shine or snow, and walk together.

You can join us, either in person if you live in South West London, or virtually via our NEW Soulwalk app.

Our Soulwalk Community app is hosted on the Feel Good Hub app. A new online community for 2022.

We all know that clear intentions and commitment go along way to changing habits. Most importantly, something new opens up and is created, often from nothing.

Each day we offer you a small task to help motivate and focus your walk.  We too will be doing and sharing our progress on the Soulwalking app. They’ve been created by us, following years of Soulwalking with clients, friends and through our own personal journeys within the world of wellbeing and personal development. So we know they work!

Our intention is simple…to bring about a self awareness and evolution within each one of you. And for us all to have some fun along the way.

And if you simply want to walk your daily walk with the dog, then that’s fine too.

Why join the February Soulwalk Challenge?

1 – Join other Soulwalkers from your town and around the world completing the same tasks as you each day

2 – Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions

3 – Have a daily incentive and accountability to walk

4 – Improve your physical fitness

5 – Improve your mental wellbeing

6 – Daily dose of fresh air and connection to nature

It’s simple and easy to join in (whatever the date is)

1 – Download the Feel Good Hub app from Apple Store or Google Play Store

2 – Register using the code ‘Soulwalk2022’

3 – Join the ‘Soulwalk Team’

[Visual instructions if you need it – FGH-Soulwalk-Registration]

Your February Soulwalk Challenge is now live on the app.

Join us throughout February for your first Soulwalk. (We’ll be posting on the app). Each day log your Soulwalks on the Feel Good Hub app and support others by commenting and liking their posts.

Donation for your February Soulwalk Challenge

Soulhub is honoured to be a part of the creation and development of The Feel Good Hub app, a community wellbeing platform that enables communities like Soulhub to bring people together through a variety of wellbeing activities such as Soulwalking.

Through the simplicity of Soulwalking we wish to be build trusting and safe communities within which support more deeply and effectively.

To be a part of this exciting project, we’re inviting you to invest from £5 to £50 towards your February Soulwalking challenge. Not just to show your own commitment to the challenge and process, but also to support Feel Good Hub’s work, Soulwalking initiative and ultimately the wellbeing of the world, one person, one step at a time.

Donation for Soulwalking Challenge

February in-person Soulwalks schedule with Andrew & Carmen

If you’re local to South West London, then please come and walk with us. Each day we will walk for 90 minutes in some of our favourite local parks and riversides and doing the daily fun and enlightening Soulwalk tasks, such as barefoot walking, breath work. You can book your place with us in person via Eventbrite or Meet-Up. Tickets £10 per adult / £5 per under 16.

Or you can get involved virtually by downloading the Feel Good Hub app, and signing up to join the February Soulwalk Challenge.

Click on the details below to go through to Eventbrite to book your place with us or email Carmen if we haven’t shared a link or you’d like us to come Soulwalk with your community or business then just get in touch. We’d love to do one with you.

Tuesday 15 Feb

Wednesday 16 Feb

Thursday 17 Feb 9.30am

@ Richmond Park 

Friday 18 Feb

@Richmond Park 

Saturday 19 Feb

Sunday 20 Feb

Monday 21 Feb

Tuesday 22 Feb

Wednesday 23 Feb

Thursday 24 Feb

Friday 25 Feb

Saturday 26 Feb

Sunday 27 Feb

Monday 28 Feb


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Carmen Rendell is the founder of Soulhub.

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