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We’re all facing in to new times. Some businesses are well structured to deal with change. Others aren’t, and are having to learn to adapt in the moment. What makes the difference? Leadership.

The knock on effect are that employees are feeling the ripple effect of not just home life, or business life, but all of life.

Soulhub School for Business devises bespoke programmes to support the wellness of your employees. This summer we’ve created short term programmes for WeWork and Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury:

For Mental Health Week, Charlotte Tilbury wanted to provide fun, engaging as well as mental health education. We created 4 1 hour webinars with our Soulhub Team.

  • Boundaries, building confidence and taking ownership with Carmen Rendell/ Rach Allan
    • Exploration of boundaries, good and poor, and the importance of them in our businesses and personal lives.
  • Law of Attraction with Nancy Joyce Hunter
    • Webinar to bring the Universal Laws to your consciousness. From the Law of Vibration, to the Law of Attraction. How do we change our vibration and creation in the world.
  • Building Confidence through Dance with Andrew Cuerden
    • How dance can be a lens for us to look at our own relationship with confidence, body image and self-expression. Using tools and techniques to understand self, and build confidence of who we are.
  • Brand YOU with Colin Priestley-Wall
    • Tools and techniques to support you through understanding who you are as a brand. What’s your drivers, who do you want to influence and how does your image impact others.


With offices closed and companies working from home, WeWork wanted to provide a range of options including a light entertainment activity, and something for those thinking about what might be next for them individually.

  • Movie Dance Along Nights with Andrew Cuerden
  • Brand YOU with Colin Priestley-Wall


‘I thought Andrew was great. Very passionate about what he does. He made it very interactive and entertaining, and seems like a lovely person.’

‘I wish the session had been longer.” (Carmen/Rach)

“Really different type of session, with both speakers (Carmen/Nancy) working well together’

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