During 2021 we launched DEEP events – Combining our passions of performing arts and Soul-stories, these  events encouraged evolution and healing through expression. Below are some highlights. We’ve currently put the events on hold, but hope to bring them to life in new ways in 2022 and beyond.


Within everyone us there is a deep desire for a story to be told, a poem to be penned, a dance to be danced, a picture to be painted, a song to be sung, a spaceship to be built, or just a life to be witnessed and appreciated.

DEEP Events are where people from every walk of life who are seeking deeper truth, love, meaningful connection and purpose can find inspiration, support and a renewed faith in humanity, themselves and perhaps even a higher universal intelligence.

Through a fusion of transformative and soul nourishing real-life inspirational stories and soulful performing arts we all get to share and experience what it is to be human, and how through the power of honest and open stories to which we can all relate and find our own unique and innate power, joy and magnificence.

The events include a range of guest speakers and performers from everyday heroes and heroines to true masters in their specialised fields who all have incredibly inspiring wisdom, stories, humour, music, artistry to share.

We curiously and compassionately explore the new frontiers of our rapidly changing and evolving world, with the intention of inspiring and encouraging greater awareness, presence and compassionate connection to ourselves and others, supporting authentic self-expression, healing and empowerment.

The events are also aimed at supporting conscious and caring entrepreneurs, businesses and artists, offering them a platform to exhibit and promote their work for collaboration and sale. 50% of the profit from these events goes to the speakers and performers.

We are grateful to have the technical experience and support of Event Seven Production team backstage helping us create the highest quality event possible.


Previous DEEP Events:

Special Guests on Sunday 16 May 2021 were:

Bettina Falkenberg 

Bettina Falkenberg

Christelle Pellecuer 

Christelle Pecceleur

Joanna Finch 

Joanna Finch


Sunday 28 March:

Lemington Ridley

Lemington is a multi-talented dance performance coach. With a 22 year background in ballet, jazz and ballroom and latin. Lemington began dancing at age 10 in New York City. He has been a champion same-gender latin dancer and has been a sought after dancer, theatrical and cabaret artist. Along with his dance career, he has been a successful designer of couture evening wear and dance costumes.

Jean Robinson

Born in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) in 1939 of Dubliner parents working for the British Colonial government. Jean attended school in Dublin and subsequently in London at RADA. Fifteen years acting mostly in provincial repertory theatres and The Old Vic. Then trained as a teacher of The Alexander Technique of which I myself can testify as deeply transformational and soothing. She is also self-published poetry, a novel and produced several plays. Jean has a remarkable story of growing up in colonial Africa where she had 2 “fathers” one white and one black which has inspired her two write some very powerful poetry titled “REPENTENCE”.

Marvin Muoneke

The Young Man with the Old Soul

He’s a Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice Contestant. And the moment you hear him, you’ll understand why. Soulful, soothing and a powerhouse.

Marvin is a Jazz Singer-Songwriter, arranger, bandleader and frontman of The Boulevard Big Band. His album ‘Lockdown Hootenanny’ was released on 9th April.

28 February Special Guests were:

Helen Garlick

Helen Garlick specialised in talking solutions throughout her 35 year career as a family lawyer and a mediator. She left her job in law to write her debut memoir No Place to Lie which she knew could only be penned in the aftermath of her parents‘ deaths.

‘My focus was on meeting my promise to tell the story and my brother is 20 years of life and how it ended. They say it takes you the rest of your life to figure out what happened in the first 20 years and then because my mother made a confession on the back of an envelope that I read after her death I had to write about that too.’

Helen’s work now is as a courage builder, writing, training and speaking from one soul to another.

No Place to Lie was published by Whitefox on 4th February 2021 at £9.99. Available on Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles in paperback, as an audiobook and on kindle.

Helen also has a YouTube channel called Hello! It’s better to talk.

Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz


‘He’s a gentle voice in the ears of the many men who come to him for help with life – he’s the man whisperer.’ Said ‘Newsweek’ of Kenny’s work. Kenny helps men get to the heart of their issues, enabling them to speak from their truth and come from love, rather than fear, fantasy or fixing. Kenny helps people understand how men tick, how to get them to talk and most importantly, how to listen and hold a safe, open space for personal transformation.

Kenny sees private clients in his canal-side castle in Camden Town and online. He’s held men’s groups for 17 years and trains other to hold their own. He has recently applied for charitable status for MenSpeak Men’s Groups, so he can pass on his tools to make men’s groups as available as 12-step programmes, relieving isolation, reducing suicide calls and creating conscious community in work, rest and play.

Lucy Wylde

Lucy Wylde was a born songstress for these times. She brings a warmth and presence through her music that moves the soul with her angelic voice.

Her songs share a deep wisdom straight from the heart. It’s rare to find an artist who can encapsulate the emotions that life brings and hold them in a cocoon of presence and love. Her songs are the truth of her story that have been the compass of navigation through her own wounds and reflect the remembrance of what’s true underneath the layers we all carry, with innocence, love and freedom at the core.

31 January 2021, Special Guests were:

Libby Moore

Libby is a Certified Life Coach, international speaker/story teller and founder of LoveXGlobal which brings the love back into business and former Chief of Staff to Oprah Winfrey.

Abi Flynn & Bradley Wescott

They are a couple who walk the path of miracles. Having overcome a form of terminal cancer, auto-immune disease, drug addiction, infertility and lifetimes of self-hatred, they now consciously embark on life’s journey together, using their gifts for song writing, music and medicine voice as that they unlock deeper transmissions for those who listen.

Highlights from Soulhub Journal Soul-Stories evening [Dec 2020]

Here’s a flavour of what Soulhub guests share when we all gather…

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