Top tips for uncertain times

There’s so much going on in the world today. We don’t want to fuel the fire, and we also believe that this is a time to go inwards (or inside), and to support others through our communities. To find a flow to our river.

For this reason, we’ve bought the collective wisdom of the Soulhub team together to offer our thoughts on how we can all best look after ourselves. Outside of the recommendations we’re already implementing. Washing hands. Staying your distance. Binning tissues. Staying at home if you’re showing symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who is sick.

In pure acknowledgement of the importance of shared insights, we asked each of our team to give their top priority for looking after yourself. Here’s our thoughts:

1 – 5 minutes of oil pulling* with coconut, turmeric, peppermint and bicarbonate of soda. To improve oral hygiene and create healthy biome in the mouth which boosts our immune system. 

10 minutes in the sauna, as healing our brain is now linked to lifting the mood. 

Carey Davis-Munro

2 – When cooped up inside, find ways to bring nature to you. Plants, essential oils, even tea and baths can all connect you to the elements.

Laura Beckingham

3 – A glass of fresh veggie juice per day, playing with essential oils to balance emotions and boost the immune system


4 – Move your body doing something you love everyday. Focus as much energy on something that lifts your mood high – this affects the chemistry of the body and reduces anxiety responses. Like dancing every morning

Rach Allan

5 – It is in the giving, that we receive – with healing touch

Andrea Lucas

6 – Take a drop of doterra on guard every day, which is an immune booster and killer of the nasties. If you’re feeling under attack, then take 2 cloves of raw garlic twice a day. 

Basil seeds (cheaper than chia) and tops of oregano essential in a small bottle of almond oil. Gargle and swallow. Add a drop of clove oil (in small doses). All to boost the immune system.

Pete Warnock

7 – Fear and stress both compromise the immune system. Keep this all in perspective and find daily things that help you thrive

Sue Camp

8 – When you find something that nourishes your soul and brings you joy, love yourself enough to create space for it

Donna Edwards

9 – Whilst our physical bodies may shrink back, we can use the time for nurturing mind and spirit. Perhaps discovering some new habits. From savouring the daily moments of joy (birdsong, a smile, a chat with a friend) to exploring new music or trying a yin yoga online. Even finally fixing up the infuriating sock drawer. Find refuge in a funny film or book (Brian Bilston’s Diary of Somebody is a total laughter tonic).’

Jules will be planting up some cornflower seeds on her balcony ready for the summertime bees’.

Julie Round

10 – Take the space and try and be as present as you can. Tomorrow really is another day. It would be overwhelming to allow the mind to stretch beyond today. Small steps. Gentle. Be kind to you first.

Carmen Rendell


Take a listen to Pete’s reframing meditation. Helping move stress to vibrancy and aliveness, changing how we relate to life, is the solution to virtually everything.


*oil pulling – Taking a tiny bot of the mixture and pulling it back and forth between your teeth until your mouth is too full and you need to spit it out. Boosts overall immunity and feels amazing!

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