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What is imagination creates reality

Neville Goddard Teachings, interpreted and shared by Nancy Joyce Hunter

What does this really mean? Imagination creates reality?

Neville Goddard Teachings

How can we use the power of our imagination in the most powerful way to manifest our desires?

Imagination impresses the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind once impressed reflects its contents onto the screen of space AKA our physical lives on earth.

What we impress within our subconscious is impressed within our lives. The subconscious mind is the powerhouse of all creation.

Imagination is the most effective way of planting seeds within the subconscious mind so that they can manifest on the screen of space.

Why is this, Imagination is the most potent and rich thought form that we have, we have the capacity to use and harness in our creative faculties as living beings.

Few quotes, and food for thought, about the power of imagination:

“If you do not control your imagination your imagination will control you, whatever you imagine with confidence is law is law to the subconscious mind it is under obligation to objectify that which you mentally affirm”. Neville Goddard

“All that you behold though it appears without it is within your imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” William Blake

Key point: If you can learn to master your imaginal acts, your imagination abilities can not only manifest your desires in a powerful way, and life itself can start to feel more magical and child-like to you.

Here are the Essential Pillars that help you imagine with greater success:

  • State akin to sleep, this is where you put yourself either naturally or wilfully into a semiconscious state before you imagine, this is where you shift into the alpha and theta brainwave state, and neo cortex shifts of synaptic firing shots of and moves to the forebrain this is were you open up more creatively and more connected to the subconscious mind.
  • There are two natural windows where this happens in the morning when you wake out of sleep, you transition through brain wave states, and when you fall asleep and shift back through them. Utilise these natural windows before sleep and as you wake up, or you have to manually calm your mind down using a tool like meditation to get there.

How do you know when you have successfully got into this state akin to sleep?

Only two degrees that show you that you’re on the right track:

  1. Being in a completely groggy state. This was me the other day when I was listening to a meditation while imagining, and I literally fell back into dream. It wasn’t a complete deep sleep, and I was hearing the meditation play in thoughts and characters in my dreams were speaking out those thoughts as their lines, the whole seen was based around my desire coming true and people were talking to me and affirming it, completely groggy subconscious state you can feel it soaking deeply within you these new ideas, thoughts and pictures.
  2. Meditative states calm your mind down, get relaxed  feeling slightly tired, present and peaceful and then you imagine when your thinking mind is slower and you are under more direct control.

Those are the two degrees and anywhere in-between shows you that you’re in a state akin to sleep.

Basic Tips: To help you improve your ability to get into this state, and thereby more powerfully impress your subconscious mind.

  1. Before you get into the groggy state, just before you go to sleep, count down and imagine.
  2. Listen to mediative music as you imagine.
  3. Do a mindfulness or meditation practice before you even start the subliminal music – it can help having affirmations playing that can help bolster your scene and the clarity and emotional power behind your scene.
  4. Have a trigger such as a singing bowl, that when you hear or perceive this trigger, you automatically know it’s time to imagine.

Intending & Allowing

As opposed to forcing and straining, when you typically think about imagining you need to think about painting a scene.  Think about what it looks like and try to bring your own vision to life.

I found that this already exists within you. The realm of human imagination is infinite. The scene you are picturing is not merely a scene, it is something that is in your own consciousness, and already exists within the eternal present moment, as consciousness is the only reality.

None the less, if this scene already exists you don’t have to create it in thin air, it’s more like your heading towards it and you’re allowing it to meet you halfway, so getting into an allowing state of surrender and flow knowing what you intend to imagine, and not forcing it to be created.

Picture it like a famous Micheal Angelo painting. i.e. Where god is reaching down with his finger and your finger is touching towards the finger, your one finger and the god within you, and the all powerful subconscious mind is meeting you halfway.

When I flow most deeply, the scene just appears and is most vivid when you approach it softly. It also helps when you write down and script out what you want to be imagining, so you have the basic foundation. From here you can let go even more, and let the scene paint itself with you co-creating it.


Revise the situation. Your emotional believes, programs and perceptions. If you’re bored of your scene you lose interest and have a lack of emotional connection to it. This is really important to have, as at the start you might have had a big emotional connection to it which was vivid and showed what’s possible. You may have just drifted from is, and so you need to know that with some motivation you can bring it back.

This signals that something within your perception or programming is to be looked at or something about your desire or scene specifically that needs to be looked at. Something is not right and something is sitting right under you nose and needs examination. You can do this through journaling, and to free it from your being so that you enter a state of clarity once again and therefore empowerment in this process.

This requires you to ask yourself:

  • Why is this scene not doing it for me?
  • What stopping me from imagining with vividness and emotion?

Letting those answers come up and investigating what it will be, is often very clear and you can let that go, it will often be some limiting belief or limiting aspect of your scene or desire and that needs a liltle bit of clarification.

Then find your Why

Why you desire something, and why you desire to create and manifest something.

Whatever answer comes to you ask yourself why again, and repeat the process 7 times, each time asking why, and go deeper and deeper until your core motivation is there, and that intrinsic motivation will be so potent in its emotion for you that you will very naturally be more connected to your scene and your Imagination process once again.

Another humming faith where you have a background hum of faith after your imaginal acts are done this is both  living in the end assuming the wish fulfilled in your everyday life just naturally not overwhelmingly just naturally being in that state with confidence.

Knowing that you are an empowered being that you are a creator of your own reality can be by immersing yourself in empowering content like this or Neville Goddard books or other manifestation teachers, and teachers  like myself, so you getting these empowered thinkers and the ideas come to your mind and got this sense of Faith which is constantly there both by living in the end and by knowing you are creator of your own reality.

Entry into a flow state that actually carries you throughout the day all the way up to your imagination process there is this indiscernible sense of faith that permeates the whole thing. Less attached to the process you allow the  Scene to come into screen of your mind more clearly and powerfully then you drop it more effortlessly it’s already done, sense of flow, motion and smoothness actually makes the process fast and powerful….that’s when things things happen to you and you can do one imaginal act and it will happen to you.

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By Nancy Joyce Hunter

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