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You are not alone

Writing is one of the ways I heal my mental and emotional state.

Most of the time the process of writing is, of itself, enough and stays private, however today it HAS to come out!

This post has been brewing and evolving over the last couple of months and nearly landed in the Trash Folder many times.

At the risk of being labelled and shamed as a keyboard warrior or any other derogatory term or worse my post being blocked by FB. I feel it is becoming vitally important and necessary that we are ALL free to share from our hearts our honest emotions about our own life experiences so that others know that they are not alone in their natural human feelings of fear, anger, grief, sadness, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, discrimination, helplessness etc.

Despite the intensity of my emotions, I am NOT here to attack, shame, blame ANYONE…quite the contrary I am here purely to share my personal experience so that it may shine a light of awareness and balance for others.

As I write this, I sit holding deep “apposing” emotions of fear, anger and sadness along-side love, compassion, excitement, hope and faith in a world that is being shaken and recalibrated to its core in a process of evolution and maturation.

All aspects of life are governed by energetic vibrations which include our emotions (energy in motion) of which I am becoming more and more attuned and sensitive to. At times a blessing or a curse.

The nature of frequency can be seen clearly in the experiment of playing particular sound frequencies over a charged tone plate covered with sand that makes amazing patterns as they resonate together or apart.

The earth and humanity too are experiencing a change or raising of energetic frequency and awareness. We are moving into an energetic age. An age or a time where everyone and everything is being re-organising and polarised according to their own level of awareness, frequency or emotional states.

This process is making it impossible to not become aware or awakened by our own terrifying human energetic frequencies or shadow sides of fear, anger, greed etc that are being revealed ever more clearly as the rising light of awareness or “frequency” vibrates us into resonating patterns and tribes. Casting ever darker shadows or dissonance from those that are unconscious or fearful of the change.

These shadows and dissonant vibrations take a variety of unconscious “shapes”. From the immaturity, ugliness and intolerance of average people to the blatant censorship, corruption and manipulation from many positions of political and corporate authority in both our virtual and real lives that want to hold onto power.

As much as people/organisations like to only show their good sides/vibes…oh the pressures and stress (frequency) of our times are causing that “make-up” to crack, revealing the immense complexity and contrast of human nature and our energetic frequencies.

I pray that those that are being deeply disturbed by the raising of awareness and hence throwing vile, hateful, ignorant speech or attempting to control or disempower others, are one day encouraged to look at themselves closely and lovingly in the mirror to truly see and heal those emotional/frequency shadow parts of themselves that are hurt, traumatised, numbed, misaligned and disempowered so they are not triggered into ignorantly, aggressively and righteously attacking others in attempts to protect their wounds and fears. But instead can heal and find harmony with themselves and others.

Of course I too have unhealed shadow parts that get triggered when I am overwhelmed and sucked into all the dramatic, depressing and opposing narratives, facts, and figures that leave me feeling fearful, angry and helpless. In these moments I too am unable to find love, tolerance or even forgiveness. But I also know that fear, hate and anger expressed unconsciously only add more fuel to the fire or with my current analogy, dissonant vibrations.

So in those moments when I most triggered and my body can no longer contain the dissonant energy/vibes, I go into the woods or my car, or use a pillow, to privately scream out the energies of rage and resistance to the unconscious injustices of those who appear to be sleep walking through their own hellish nightmares, dogmatically clinging on to their narrow fear based narratives unwilling to entertain, even for a moment, different or wider perspectives.

Other days though, I am able to gently release and regulate my emotions by quietly walking, sitting, writing, crying, singing, breathing, stretching, dancing, praying and/or meditating, not necessarily in that order but certainly a combination of, and then I feel better. I feel grounded again, I have space in my mind, body and soul to see and appreciate the bigger perfect picture at play with its contrasting waves and cycles of evolution, including remembering my own part in creating my PERSONAL reality.

Within this state I am able to find the love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness of myself and others. I am again at peace and harmony with the universe. I can find the ease within the effort and the joy within the journey.

I am reminded of the Jesus’s words whilst on the cross…“Father forgive them for they know not what they do” We are ALL just doing our best, to our individual levels of awareness and understanding, to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. A sovereign freedom we all have.

I am incredibly grateful that in real life (not online) I have met more people who, although seemingly have opposing views, are mature, kind and respectfully enough to debate and if necessary agree to disagree. And thank God for that, imagine if we all thought exactly the same boring thoughts!

For those of you who only consume mainstream media, you will be unaware of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who are participating in FREEDOM marches in London, as they have also been doing in many cities around the world since the middle of 2021.

Or the peaceful protests of the German people putting candles of peace and freedom in the River Rhine to connect people as it flows NW through Germany.

The reason you don’t know about any of these protests is because these protests are either blocked on social media, not televised at all, or are under or miss-reported.

Despite what you have been told, the majority of protestors around the world are not crazy conspiracy theorists they are normal people from all walks of life including policeman, NHS doctors, nurses, lawyers etc who do not live purely by what biased, unbalanced and propaganda driven mainstream media pumps out. But by a variety of other channels and personal experiences that offer broader and deeper perspectives. They are refusing to live in totalitarian dictator states. Where even here in the UK, our government is currently trying to pass a law under our noses that prohibits peaceful public protests. As far as I know a democracy is only possible if the public have a right to protest, even at a government that they have supposedly voted in.

The protestors, including many thousands of NHS staff, are also protesting against the mandating of Covid Vaccine.

I don’t care whether anyone takes the Covid vaccine or not, because despite the narrative, the unvaccinated are NOT the reason for the spread, mutation or continuation of viruses and hence I strongly believe that it should NOT be mandated. It should be a personal choice.

Yes of course unvaccinated people can land up in hospital but so too can many thousands of people whose life styles are out of balance and hence over work, over-consume, have bad diets, consume drugs, alcohol and smoke etc. We should not discriminate them either as they are merely surviving within a largely traumatised, dishonest and essentially dysfunctional society that we all unconsciously or consciously perpetuate. Since time began humans have never been so riddled with chronic disease brought on by the apparent advances in technology, agriculture and many other areas of life.

WAY more people are dying and suffering from chronic lifestyle diseases than viruses. So social responsibility does not just lie in a syringe it lives within every aspect of our lives.

I think that what the Government is doing to the NHS is absolutely disgusting and immoral. By bullying and censoring those amazing people who risk and devote their lives to others who now wish to speak out against being forced to choose between the jab or their jobs. Unbelievable!

Tragically all media including social media has turned society into a playground or battle field of bullies where we are beating each other up with manipulated facts and figures gleaned from our respective and apposing “parents” (politicians, scientists et) NEWS FLASH the parents on both ends of the spectrum have there own lies and agendas. Where has the balanced discussion gone? Oh yes mainstream media banned that!!

I am personally sick to death of being lied to, manipulated, spied on and censored by arrogant, self righteous and narrow minded hypocrites, profiteers, cheats and bullies in all areas of life but particularly politics, science, commerce, religion and more sadly health and education.

It is no wonder so many people are sceptical of being mandated into anything now. Maybe instead of following the science we should follow the money and there we may perhaps, find some truth.

Quite frankly, I feel we are even slowly and insidiously creeping into a new World War. A war like never before. An energetic war of frequencies, where we ALL find ourselves, at some point, on the front line.

It is not a war between countries but between neighbours, friends and even more sadly between families. The war is not fought using such blunt clumsy tools of the past, such as guns, bayonets and bombs…we are now using words, emotions, data, biological and technological weapons that invisibly infect, divide, conquer, control and even kill. A war not possible before the viral age of technology, biology and energetic data that can be spread, multiplied and corrupted invisibly and anonymously at the speed of light around the planet.

The “aim” of the war is to undermine our under-standing, our faith and trust in everything (including God) and everyone even our own hearts, minds, guts and voices. To the point we are weak, lost and susceptible to infighting, manipulation and unconscious slavery.

We are again defending our sovereign right to freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of bodily autonomy and movement as well as freedom from segregation and various forms of human slavery to a system that many work to support the privileged and powerful few.

Of course with freedom comes responsibility and as the world becomes more and more a global village, it is exactly the time when we need to listen, respect and tolerate others, not shut them down or shame them because they have differing beliefs/needs. Shame only creates more trauma and violence. As the actor Rowan Atkinson beautifully says, “It is not less speech we need, but more speech”. My only amendment to that would be to add “more diversity of speech is what creates a healthy balanced society.”

Natural Universal Laws and history teach us that over control of anything only ever leads into chaos and disharmony.

So today and every day I invite you to take lots of big deep breaths in and out and regain your presence of mind and reconnect to the flow that is life. We are both breathed and we have choice of how or even whether to breath at all. We are all born and too we all have choice how to live or even to end our lives.

So be empowered and know that you have a lot more choice and control of your own life than others would have you believe.

Trust also that loving and abundant LIFE is effortlessly flowing through every atom of your body, around you and right up through the galaxies above you, keeping all in harmonious and perfect order.

Penultimately, there is also WAY MORE love, abundance, joy, peace, harmonious energy within you and around you, than there is fear, lack, hate, etc. It is just our society likes to keep us focused more on it to keep us scared, disempowered and dependent on our addictive consuming or obeying external authority to feel happy and safe.

You are all powerful, strong, beautiful and graceful beyond measure!

Lastly, it is becoming known through out the world that we are reaching a tipping point and that these next few years are going to be even more challenging. But equally there is a heart-centred awakening happening around the planet where billions of people are seeing through the veil of fear and deception. People are choosing to resonate with higher frequencies and children are also being born with the necessary talents and skills to heal the planet.

Millions of people are stepping up and BEING the change, making the world and planet a better place. They choose to serve love and hope not fear and despair. They are choosing the higher vibrations and frequency.

So raise your frequency and shine your light by living a life of honesty, love and integrity and they will find you.


By Andrew Cuerden

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