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Each day I’m astounded by the magic Soulhub Journal creates in the world. Who it touches. The connections it manifests. Those I see it sitting on coffee tables in obscure places. Images which find their way back to us from across the globe.

It’s also taught me the importance of trusting intuition when I choosing who’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs are shared in the ink and on the pages. Who writes. Who illustrates. For they represent the ethos, the very core of Soulhub.

Life is about flow. Intention and flow. And the contributors for Soulhub Journal Vol 1 evolved in the most natural way. Just as I’d hoped.

I wanted to bring them to life. Tell the story behind the story.

Mark Michel. Christmas Eve 2015, sat at my desk at Musto, Mark called. He and Joe and the expedition team were in a warehouse, expensive equipment, much of which looked far too complex. ‘Carmen, the kit hasn’t arrived yet.’ Oh. That’s not good. About to set sail from New Zealand to the Antarctica they were waiting for their outerwear. They’d be testing and photographing our new Arctic Pro Parka jackets. A year on, Mark text thanking me for all the support. I was touched. To be remembered. To be part of their dream project. To hear and witness their meticulous planning and see it all unfold. A privilege for me. His very nature. His bearded face, and gentle ways. His appreciation. All encompassed that soul I value.

Whilst walking in my soul place, Richmond Park I was listening to a Forbes Women podcast on successful women. Libby Moore was discussing her career. Her challenges and life’s next phase, including how her coaching career had unfolded, and the impact of leaving her job working alongside Oprah. I liked her. Her presence and honesty. I sent a message and days later, over Skype, I shared my Soulhub dream. She loved it. We instantly connected and she been an incredible supporter since. Always there. Always a prod, when I least expect it. ‘Hey Carmen, just so you know I’m travelling around the world, with the Journal.’ Yet to meet, yet held from afar.

Joel Garner and I have been best mates for over 24 years. Starting over a love for hockey, purple nasties and laughing. I’ve witnessed his life; sometimes closely, sometime from further afield, always proud of his ability to create. Godwick Hall holds many treasured memories for me too, and the transformation of his home, his commitment is admirable. A place where I feel at home. Where it always feel special and the peace is captured in the sheep, the undiscovered treasures, the history and the touch of Norfolk love distilled throughout the barn and hall.

Anna Buckley and I go way back. Many memories from dancing in night clubs, friends weddings, lazy Sunday’s. Having moved to York and life, we connect rarely but powerfully. She’s a kindred spirit. She’s evolved and connected to herself in a way I admire. She’s created a life for herself and family which is beautiful to witness, and I’m happy that we are able to share our growth and view of the world.

Is that you, Perry?‘ On Christmas Day, walking out of Richmond Park, my brother Perry bumped into Jules Williams, 25 plus years since they’d lived together in Australia. We all met for an evening drink. Serendipity. He had an energy and intuition I connected to. He loved the concept of Soulhub. It felt perfect to get him on board.

From Jules to Justine Clement. Two years of unravelling, repacking, tears, anger, confusion, lostness, shadows, light. We met at the School for Wizards. An incredible course facilitated and founded by Andrew Wallas, the Modern Day Wizard. Justine and I share many similar questions on life, and have sat on the same plain, looking out, puzzled, inquisitive and available to soak it up and delve straight in. Both curious, we connect and have enjoyed many memories which are pretty indescribable but life changing.

Emma Crosby, is the partner of another life long friend Jeremy Peters (our photographer). They’ve created a bundles of joy together, and we’ve shared times in the UK and I’ve seen her at her happiest in Cape Town. It felt right to ask her to bring this to life for Soulhub, as she reaches, what appears the most fruitful time of her life. Jeremy, but Jez to me, has seen my growth from a young drinking hockey player, to contented adult. Many parties, life stories, dreams shared. A joy to have them both with us on the journey, and hopefully more to come…

Mr Sean Holley. Another 20 plus year relationship, but with Wales and a family in between our times shared. I’ve watched him develop into a confident and sure man, his accent not wain, and his desires shift and twist as his priorities have changed. A delight to see him now working and creating projects of his own from his broadcast shows, to hiking to Machu Picchu. He loves life, family and rugby!.

His promises me he’ll bake a cake when I get to 50 park runs. Lloyd Camp. The life sucking, wildlife junkie, khaki runner and soulful soul. He chases anything. Kayaks, people, lions, springbok. A joy to spend time with. Full of stories. Stick him around the campfire, and it will be flameless, before you know it. He knows exactly how to capture the imagination.

4 years ago, I cooked tuna pasta for a crew of hungry sailors. Boiled the water with the pasta. Wrong. Tasha Hacker and I had to contend with unhappy sailors. We laughed. We started a friendship, which endured oceans, seas, and has connected in more countries than most life long relationships. She brings the life out of me. She is full of vitality. She loves to explore, learn, craves the pushing and has a heart of gold.

Some jobs, even when challenging, can deliver small gems. Jenny Tough was one of those gems. She delivered some wonderful video content for me, and I loved the way she worked with me, her passion and her authenticness. She is going to places I’d love to go to, and she brings them to life for me and millions of others in a way that inspires them to take off the shackles, and go explore. She’s the modern day adventurer. Brave, kind, curious and spirited.

Danielle Brooker greeted me with a smile at a BNI event, I attended on behalf of Phil (our designer). Her softness and clarity struck me. She’d been on her own journey. She’d found her grounding. We met for coffee, and have connected over our love of latte’s and desire for slowness and connectivity. We’ve explored together, and unravelled, and I’ve felt her by my side on this Soulhub journey. Wonderful to feel.

And to cap it all off. We created 25 Soulhub truths. Those which are sometimes unsaid, but exist nonetheless, often unconsciously. And so in bringing them to life I asked Martin and Ellie to take their own unprescribed direction for one from the list. I briefly watched Ellie, at a friend Sarah’s Marketing Inspire event create a wonderful illustration of all the talks from industry leading speakers. It looked fun and intuitive. Martin, a business partner of another life long friend Adrian, touched me with his quirky view on the world. I was intrigued to see how that would translate for our truths. And he produced his magic.

Words spoken, words written are powerful. But they have to be understood, crafted and consistent to relay their unique messages. The Soulhub ethos means that our writers are responsible for their words. However, they do need a tidy up now and again. Natalie Hewlett, my trusted friend has been on hand to sprinkle her magic across the pages. My oldest friend here, she’s been on the whole Soulhub and life journey. She’s a darling, with a beautiful soul, and I trust her implicitly to retain the authenticity and flavour, yet do everything else I can’t do. My wordsmith.

Most importantly, none of this. And I mean none of it would have happened without Perry. Words don’t quite capture who he’s been for me in my life. For Soulhub, he’s not just been in the background designing and crafting everything from the logo to the website and now this journal. But he’s been the rock, the reminder, the inspirer, the believer. What a lucky, little sister I am.

A collection of unbelievable artists and creatives. Perspectives from different continents: Australia, South Africa, Canada, US, Wales, England and New Zealand. Privileged to have all of them in my life. Soulhub inspirers of their own. Soulhubbers, if I dare label them. Thank you, from this ever expanding heart.

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