The art of sensuality – Kalindi Jordan

Kalindi. Her name just does it, doesn’t it?

Exotic. Sensual. Romantic.

In an instant, I rushed from my central London office job, down the exuberant Kings Road and landed with a bang in Emma Cannon’s new Chelsea clinic. 

When you arrive in a space full of herbal tea, cushions, a circle of women and Kalindi looking radiant, I knew I’d left most of my other world at the door. Met by some familiar faces, warm and considerate hugs bought me into the present. Forced to slow down. Forced to tune into my breath. 

An enormous challenge with city life is finding this balance. Creating a continual and trusted space to feel grounded. It’s not easy. And as I work more with it, I understand even more, that one of mine and my London friends challenge, is to do exactly that. 

Even more recognisable in a world built on inauthenticity, is to trust my teacher. Trust Kalindi. What she has to bring. Not to jump to believing that what she has to offer can’t work in a city, and that these energies only survive when living in the country, somewhere like Bali or other less challenging environments. We all have distractions, and so it’s important to show how it can work here. In the crazy 24 hour city of London. 

Of course my mind jumps around. It can’t fully close off to the previous 10 hrs. Kalindi’s gift was to show me, and us, how we can start to explore the ‘juiciness’, she loves that phrase, of practices that can and need to be built on over time, to integrate them into life, and therefore into my core energetics.

The Art of Sensual Women

Well session number 1. So what did we do? It was the art of sensual women.  Sensuality. To find it. Tap into it. Play with it. Know it and therefore eventually, to fully be it. We started with some belly breathing, and moved to a womb meditation. She encourages these practices to be done daily, and following our evening she sent us copies of the practices to be done 10 mins a day for 2 weeks. 

I won’t share her recordings, as I believe part of the magic is exploring them and trying them with her, and then seeing the change in yourself. To really gain the juiciness it needs to be integrated into your life, as It’s not something you can replicate. It’s personal. 


The Benefits

Kalindi’s work releases endorphins into the system. No surprise given how she asked us to gently gyrate with our eyes closed. The sexual energy is in flow and starts to link between the head and the heart. We know what breathing can do for us, yet I know I breath lightly, and rarely from my belly. So by simply doing this I understood that I’m circulating more oxygen around the internal organs, becoming more centred and bringing my breathing back to instinct, baby-like. 

Kalindi talks about how our hearts are aching, longing to be totally met by themselves and by another. That we yearn to explore our deepest sensual and sexual nature. And yet it’s something we often deny ourselves. Don’t have enough time. Don’t give ourselves enough time. Don’t know how to. And maybe we feel we need someone else to explore with. But it has to start from ourselves. From me. For me, this was just a taster of what else could be unravelled. To untighten the body.  Let’s see what session two opens up, as I put the exercises into practice. It was a gentle, sensual evening. My body felt held. It felt personal. I felt more connected.

Ask yourself if you long for a deeply fulfilling loving relationship, feel safe opening up in your sexual body and want to be more intimate and sensual. If the answer is yes, then Kalindi is for you.

Kalindi Jordan: Practioner based near Glastonbury, runs day workshops, groups and one-to-one sessions with women. Check out our events page, as we share some of her schedule.

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