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Soul Food September

Throughout the month of September we want to share our love of soul food.

What nourishes you both nutritionally and spiritually’.

We’re inviting content writers, bloggers and videographers who are interested in the following topics and can write about their own experience under the following themes:

Food & Mood

How is your relationship with food? Are there certain foods you eat that change how you feel. Are their places which trigger memories of certain foods. E.g. fish and chips from childhood. Funny or emotional stories.

Food & Energy

What stories can you tell about trips you’ve been o where the energy of the food feels right. Or another energy, yours. Do you feel better eating certain foods?

Food & Love

How do you show love with food? Did you mum or dad reward you with food? Does a romantic dinner mean something to you? Is there a food you just can’t love but want to?

Food & Health

What’s your approach to healthy eating? Why is it important to you? Is there an addiction, or a lifestyle choice? Do you eat certain food for sport, to change the way you look, because of other medical reasons?

If you’d like to write, please find out more here on our Join The Community page.


In addition we are hosting:

  • Live cooking classes with Carey-Munro Davis every Tuesday evening (6-7pm) from 1st Sept
  • Let’s get wrapped up for winter hybernation. How best to prepare your immune system for the winter months ahead. Live facebook Q&A’s with Sue Camp & Melinda McDougall preparing us for the winter on Tues 15 Sept (7-8pm)
  • Sharing recipes from Jules (chef), podcasts from nutritionists, and a whole bunch of topical thoughts and flavours

With special thanks to Beth Kempton, we’re already received submissions to date from Amie Dean, Luisa Skinner, and Jane Stoudt which you will see throughout September.

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