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Nature. She’s speaking… can you hear her?

So, we have a planet ‘out-of-alignment with itself’; that’s the general consensus. Yes, we are ‘ruining’ the natural world and dehumanising our relationship with it; and no, we cannot see a way forward to suit all denominations of the human race. An impasse …deadlock as we helplessly stand by and watch Nature’s wildness diminish before our eyes.

What though, if Nature speaks? If you could hear what ‘it’ has to say – to you, personally – would you listen?

The land you – we – live, walk and work upon is far more intelligent than we realise. Intrinsically linked, part of our experience of being human, it is indistinguishable from our inner essence. We live because of the land; and Nature – lands’ expression of creativity – exists because of us. It’s a radical thought, but a thought which once we begin conversing with the elements sweeps through our psyche …as a knowingness.

Nature is mirroring humanity. And it’s ‘running hot’. Because we are. It will respond to our movements – and keep pace. And the pace we are putting it at is unsustainable – just as it is for us. Faster, harder, single-tracked and single-focused, is not in our, or Nature’s best interests. Just as we experience burn-out, so does Nature; and in turn, the land which supports it, and us.

We don’t need to ‘heal our planet’- we need to slow down and face it. To truly look ‘it’ in the eyes. To see Nature, be with Nature and engage with it. Welcome it; within us. This, on a daily basis, would change everything. Simply, effortlessly, beautifully…

Nature is in permanent transformation. As are we. We don’t need to ‘go’ somewhere, be someone or something else to experience the bliss of Nature and her senses moving through us. Our creativity, sexuality and innate connection to our divine and intelligent essence come alive as we mirror land’s offering. When we align to ‘it’, we align to everything. Because we are ‘the everything’.

There are many suggestions and invitations to connect with Nature and to slow our pace: industries, as ‘fast’ as the world they distance themselves from or proffer healing towards, full of suggestions. I could add many more. Instead, I offer a simple act: turn and face Nature – however it is for you right now. Slow to its’ pace. Look it deeply in the eyes. Breathe with it. Feel and know its essence …and go about your day from this pace. It’s a grounded presence which supports all of life. You’ll be doing your bit. Because you’ll be listening.

Delilah Sullivan is a land and energy healer and spiritual teacher. Connect with her via website or Instagram @delilahsullivanenergy

Photo credit: @gantasv / Pexels

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