Soulwalking with Pete Warnock

Pete is the creator of Synergy Bodywork, Scared Bodywork and Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork. Following an accident as a young boy, and subsequent discovery at 23 years old of transcendental meditation leading him on a path of curiosity to understand the journey of pain and suffering, joy and ecstasy, love and compassion.

Living and working alongside his beloved Kalindi Jordan, Pete shares with us how we can navigate what’s going on outside, with our inside world. We talk about how his journey unfolded, what tools he uses, and he gives really beautiful insights into how the world is for him, and what we can do for ourselves.

Perfect antidote to the usual news, and an enquiry into our bodies and mind. As members of the Soulhub team I always feel privileged to be around Kalindi and Pete and learn from their lifetime of experience into self enquiry.

They’re open hearted, deeply knowledgeable and come from a purity which transcends across the air waves. I think you’ll love this, and it’s perfect timing for you to lie on your bed and hum. Take a listen and you’ll know what I mean.

To find out more about Pete click here and for access to his incredible meditations click here


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